The Aster Flower: Meaning & How To Care For These Cheerful Purple Blooms

The aster flower adds a radiant pop of color to any garden, and also a lovely touch to any fresh flower bouquet. The vibrant blooms of the aster flower are most often found in purple, but can also flourish in shades of blue and pink. Their small ruffled petals add to their intricate beauty, while their yellow centers magnify their cheerful appearance. In addition, there are over 600 species of aster, all of which are just as stunning as the next. Asters are native to Europe and some regions in Asia, with their daisy-like blooms sprouting from late summer through fall. Their name comes from the ancient Greek word for star, named for their charming star-like shape.

Adding a colorful touch to a fall landscape is one way that Aster flowers can be enjoyed. On the other hand, they can be bundled into a bouquet of purple blooms for a lovely gift. These September birth month flowers are perfect for the person in your life with a birthday that falls in September. Additionally, they are considered the traditional 20th anniversary flower, making them a fitting gift for celebrating two decades of love. Whether growing them or gifting them, asters are sure to be enjoyed. In addition, their symbolism adds to their beauty and is all the more reason to enjoy these dainty purple flowers. Diving deeper into the ease of growing asters, along with their meaning, will uncover even more why these flowers are so great.

The Aster Flower Meaning & Symbolism

bouquet of purple aster flowers in a white jug vase on a windowsill

The meaning of the aster flower is just as beautiful as its purple hued blooms. They are most notable for symbolizing wisdom, faith, and valor. Given this symbolic theme of the aster flower, they are perfect for gifting in times of overcoming a challenge or transition. In these times, a bright purple bouquet of asters will send messages of confidence and courage. It’s sure to be an appreciated gesture.

In addition, asters also are thought to symbolize love, as they were placed on the thrones of the gods in Greek mythology. And, with these fall blooming flowers coming in a variety of colors, each hue carries its own special meaning. For example, white asters will convey innocence and spirituality, as with most white flowers. With a variety of different meanings, asters make for a meaningful gift for a wide array of occasions. And, no matter what the occasion, their air of delicacy and stunning beauty is sure to be admired.

How to Care for Aster & Tips for Growing

pink aster flowers in garden

With the right care, asters will enliven your garden with a purple glow. And, while most blooms start to fade in as the fall season approaches, asters stand tall late into the season. Given their delightful look, it’s no surprise that many people want to add aster into their gardens. Plus, asters are popular amongst pollinators. Because of this, they work to attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to the garden! Thankfully, these beautiful flowers are quite easy to grow and are resistant to things that often attack other types of flowers, like diseases and deer. So, with a few tips and tricks, you yourself can be on your way to enjoying these purple blooms in your own garden.

When to Plant Aster

Oftentimes, aster is bought as a potted plant. It’s best to plant these flowers in mid to late spring, which will set them up for a fall-time bloom. Although more difficult, you can choose to start these blooms off from seed. If taking this route, it’s best to plant the aster seeds outside in the fall. Additionally, you can grow them from seed indoors, making sure they stay between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the best chance at success. In addition, make sure your indoor asters are receiving plenty of sunlight as soon as the buds emerge from the soil.

How and Where to Plant Aster

First, you’ll want to evaluate which type of aster you’re working with and how large you expect it to grow. Typically, you’ll want to plant asters 1 to 3 feet apart, leaving enough space between them to allow for growth. In addition, this will help with air circulation and prevent any mildew problems. Asters will grow best in well-drained, loamy soil and located in a spot that receives ample sunlight. However, some varieties can thrive in partial shade. Therefore, make sure to do a bit of research on the exact variety you have if you’re looking to choose a shadier area.

How to Care for Aster

Varying a bit by variety, this upright and bushy plant will grow 1 to 6 feet tall and 1 to 4 feet wide. For the first year, make sure that your asters are receiving about an inch of water per week. This will allow the new aster plants to establish their roots. Once they are fully grown and established in your garden, they’ll likely only need water during dryer periods. A tip for encouraging a longer flowering period is to “pinch off” about a third of the stems in the middle of summer. To do so, simply trim the tips off of the flowering stems with a pair of gardening scissors.

How to Propagate

Because of their beauty, you’ll likely start to wonder how you can incorporate more aster into your yard. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can propagate these stunning blooms, using your existing plants to grow even more. To start, you can propagate an aster plant by collecting its seeds. On an aster plant, seeds will look like white to light-brown puff balls. You can collect these seeds from the aster and plant in your garden in the desired location. However, keep in mind that the new plant may look a bit different from the existing aster due to the possibility of cross-pollination.

For more reliable results, you can choose to expand your aster collection with the division method. To do this, you will dig up the root of the existing aster and divide the plant into smaller pieces. Then, you can replant these new smaller pieces throughout your garden. This is best done in late fall or early spring, as this will allow the new plants to establish strong roots. In no time, you’ll have a multitude of aster plants adding their gorgeous purple color to your yard.

The aster flower has a long-standing reputation for being a flower of both great beauty and symbolism. Next time you’re searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, consider gifting an aster flower bouquet for a meaningful gift. Or, if you’re looking for a more personalized flower gift, consider the Build Your Own gift option from FruitFlowers®. And finally, if you’re looking to incorporate these stunning purple flowers into your garden, it’s surprisingly quite easy. In no time, you’ll have these wisdom-symbolizing flowers enlivening your garden. Whether you choose to gift or grow them, aster flowers are a one-of-a-kind choice that is sure to be loved.

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