20+ DIY and Expert Thoughts on the Best Ways to Display Floral Arrangements

If you are like us, you love flowers! After all, they are an incredibly versatile plant with a vast array of options. To start, there are over 400,000 types of flowers! With so many different flowers and blooms, there are a virtually limitless number of floral arrangements. And, each flower or combination provides a unique style and meaning. From birthdays to condolences, there is a floral arrangement that captures the mood.

In addition, flowers and floral arrangements make great gifts. Gifting someone their favorite types of flowers is a meaningful gesture suitable for any occasion, or even just because. As part of our interest in helping other acknowledge and celebrate all parts of life, we asked around and rounded up thoughts from floral experts to DIYers about the best ways to display their favorite floral arrangements. From floral design tips to simple flower displays, the following offers an array of tips and design advice to help your next floral arrangement. (Note: FruitFlowers® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for responses to get some different perspectives.) For more, learn about the best ways to gift or display floral arrangements.

Jean Will


Jean Will is a co-founder at NiaWigs Inc.

“Diving deeper into flower arrangements would make you realize that it’s more than just the colors or the type of flowers you use. As a co-founder, during events, flowers are a crucial part of the decorations as these are decorative pieces that could make or break the atmosphere of a space. There are things to consider about flower arrangements, such as the type, the style, and the mood of the flowers. It is best to depend on the mood of the event.

Here are the best flower arrangements:


These flower arrangements are clean and bold but not distracting. These are usually centerpieces or bud vase flower arrangements with minimalist, monochromatic, or neutral styles.


These are usually centerpieces or bar arrangement types of flower arrangements with red or purple-toned flowers. There are different styles used in these arrangements, like a compact style and single flower type. It also goes well with candlelights and lace.


This gives a more casual mood with its bar arrangements or low types of arrangements. Flowers don’t have a strict structure with their relaxed, wild and loose arrangement style.”

Lean Davis

Lean Davis, the Co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer at Cicinia, a one-stop-shop for stunning gowns that help you be at your best on different occasions.

“Flower arrangements are quite expressive. To give a bridal gown and the ceremony a more attractive image, in my opinion, the floral arrangement should match. I consider the cascade arrangement to be the nicest flower arrangement. As it creates a waterfall bouquet look, a cascade arrangement makes a powerful statement. It is ideal for a wedding with a simple and elegant bridal gown and motif.”

DeAnna Kane & Leslie Callaway


DeAnna Kane and Leslie Callaway are founders of Heart of Hospitality Magazine, we know all about flower arrangements! If we aren‘t shooting for our magazine, we are hosting an event. If we aren‘t hosting an event, we are attending one! We have flowers upon flowers that we use almost daily. Because we do so much, we don‘t want to lose our creative styles with the same types of arrangements each time. We have some great tips on arranging your flowers, keeping them fresher longer, and displaying them in a way that will capture your guests attention.

“1. Try arranging real flowers and silk flowers together. Flowers can be expensive if you don‘t have a discount source. We like to pair real roses, peonies, ranunculus, and other fresh blooms with silk hydrangea and wisteria. These flowers tend to look real and take up a lot of space in your vase so you need not purchase quite so many. And the beauty is that you can use them over and over again. (Hospitality Tip: For best storage, wrap your silks in tissue paper and lay in a flat plastic storage tub).

2. When arranging your fresh flowers, cut about 1/2 inch off the bottom of the stem at an angle and place into hot water in your vase (yes, hot water, trust us in this!)…Complete your arrangements and the hot water will soak right into your blooms and they will brighten up. If you see your fresh flowers starting to wilt, repeat the same process again a few days later and watch them spring back to life.

3. If you have room, after using your floral arrangements, store them in a refrigerator and some flowers can last up to 5 weeks (we have an outdoor fridge specifically for this). We have used floral arrangements over and over this way! Remember to repeat the process in tip #2 when you take them out of fridge.

4. Find unique vases to present your flowers. We do a lot of ladies luncheon and tea parties, so we find beautiful porcelain, china, and silver tea pots to use for center pieces on our tables (Hospitality Tip: Never have your centerpieces higher than your chin – it blocks others from seeing other guests across the table).

5. Have fun! Don‘t be stifled by some bigger arrangements that you might not be able to recreate. If you have difficulty pairing different flowers, find a color palette that you like on line and simply try to find flowers within that color palette.

Flowers can really set the atmosphere in a room. Whether you have 100 guests, or just yourself, flowers will always brighten your space. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the process. It‘s a great way to be creative!”

Joe Ferguson


Joe Ferguson, Architectural Joiner at SkirtingsRus with over 18 years experience in carpentry and interior design. It is quite rare for people to hear from guys what flower arrangements they like. In this day and age, we can agree that as design practitioners we all appreciate beauty in any form. There are quite a few instances that when we do interiors, we are also asked by clients how to decorate, where to put what etc.

“Yes, there are flower arrangements that we also like. I am particularly fond of Ikebana style where a simplistic look is achieved by engaging with the material and sometimes through elaborate processes. Movement, balance, and harmony are the three tenets that ikebana live by and I think it is the same how we approach design in general. The choice of flowers are often subjective as to what the mood of the space would suggest. As to its location, areas which they are allowed to shine through are the most ideal locations.”

Craig Miller

Craig Miller is a co-founder of Academia Labs LLC.

“Create a Peony Bouquet using peonies and other flowers and send it as a care package to one of your friends. Nothing beats knowing that someone is thinking about you right? Hence, if you want your friends to know that you are thinking about them and you miss them, you can create this flower arrangement and send a peony bouquet to their homes. To do this, get a small basket and arrange peonies and different colored hydrangeas into the basket. The contrast between the small peony flowers and big hydrangeas give a very beautiful flower arrangement and will truly make your friends happy.”

Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott is the Co-Founder and a Medical Practitioner of National TASC LLC.

“Dried flower arrangements. If you are a fan of flowers but don’t have time to care for them to make them last longer, then creating a dried flower arrangement is the way to go. You just have to buy a small vase, put a bit of marbles, stones, or gems, then arrange your dried flowers according to your liking. You can use dried roses, stargazers, tulips, lilies, peonies, or basically anything dried. Put them near your workspace to encourage you with your work.”

Laurice Constantine


Laurice Constantine, founder of Casadar, an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, displaying products and services in decoration, architecture, interiors, and house enhancement.

“A flower arrangement may enhance the welcoming ambiance of any area in a quick and easy way. The employ flowers, leaves, and other floral accents to organize pattern and color in order to create a certain ambiance.

Flower arrangements can be used in various ways, such as table centerpiece, buffet decoration, prom corsage, elegant table setting, and home decoration.

Flowers come in different shapes and color combinations. My personal favorites are roses, lilies, gardenias, gerbera daisies, tulips, and orchids. They look good, smell good, and go well with any sorts of flower arrangements and any types of events.

Any occasion, including weddings, birthday celebrations, proms, and other life events, benefits greatly from the atmosphere created by flower arrangements.”

Stacy Lewis


Stacy Lewis, the owner and Interior Designer at Eternity Modern, an eCommerce store specializing in mid-century modern furniture and decor.

“Here are my favorite flower arrangements:

Elliptical Flower Arrangements
Elliptical flower arrangements make for great centerpieces and bouquets. In this type of flower arrangement, the flowers are placed and arranged in the form of an ellipse. I like mine with brightly colored and dainty flowers such as lilies, sunflowers, roses, tuberoses, and dahlias.

Bud Vases
For home decorations, I like using bud vases as accent pieces. These miniature arrangements add a pop of color and charm to any room.

Loose and Wild
If your style is a little rustic, a free-flowing flower arrangement might suit you. Unlike the traditional way of arranging a flower uniformly, this type of arrangement is meant to look carefree but still dainty.

Single Flower Type
If you want a more put-together look or you have a favorite kind of flower, you can also opt for the single flower type. I recommend adding some greenery to your flower arrangement for a more structured look.”

Nicole Garcia


Nicole Garcia is a Digital PR Manager at Payday Deals.

I adore floral arrangements. Roses, tulips, and lilies are among my favorite flowers. Roses come in a variety of hues and sizes that can be arranged and displayed in any setting, such as weddings, birthday parties, or funerals.

Tulips are ideal for special occasions like pool parties or birthday parties because of their fresh, green aroma that is citrus-like.

Lilies have traditionally been the flowers given as gifts to mark a 30th wedding anniversary. Since there are also numerous varieties of lilies, you don’t necessarily need to wait for an anniversary party to decorate and arrange lilies.

Maria McDowell


Maria A. McDowell, the founder at EasySearchPeople.

“I love the Elliptical flower arrangement. This flower arrangement is made with bright flowers like roses, tuberoses, sunflowers, lotus, lilies, and dahlia. The flowers are arranged in the form of an ellipse, and they are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other types of parties. The Elliptical flower arrangement is beautiful in look, and the color combinations are enchanting.”

Arthur Worsley

Arthur Worsley is the founder of The Art of Living.

“I love flower arrangements and my favorite type of flower arrangement is the bar arrangement. I like this because it is the perfect table centerpiece arrangement for me. Since flowers are arranged in a long-stemmed vase, there is an air of elegance that it exudes. Flowers used are of course, long-stemmed too so their stability is very high. What I like about this is that you can use fresh flowers as well as dried flowers too. I love flower combinations of dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, stargazers, and other small blooms. They provide the perfect centerpieces.”

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is a content specialist and the owner of Reptile Maniac, which is a web-based business that utilizes various sources from veterinarians to reptile breeders to provide honest, reliable, and trustworthy reptile guides. Flowers have always been close to my heart as it makes me wonder about the mysterious ways of nature, hence being a flower enthusiast, I would like to put forward some insights based on my knowledge and experience.

“Floating flower arrangements are one of the most versatile flower arrangements. It represents the beauty of nature as it blends the two wonders crystal-like water and mesmerizing flowers. The special feature of these arrangements is that they instantly brighten one’s mood. There is no specific design or pattern that has to be followed to create an elegant design. People get to experience the liberty to arrange the petals or flowers or both in their desired arrangement. Two preferred styles by many people are a tall vase or a shallow vase. Also, opting for contrasting colors and flowers with different shapes will complement the occasion. Lastly, there is plenty of room for being creative and adding elements that enhance the overall décor.”

Miranda Jones


Miranda Jones is a Product Research Manager at Smart Scouter. SheE acknowledges the things that are pleasant to the eyes and doesn’t hesitate to share the things she likes and provide in-depth information about it.

“Lilies and roses are the flowers that I find the most beautiful of all.

Calla lilies are perfect to give someone on their birthday or on a date or any other formal event. And roses, especially juliet roses are best to arrange in a wedding. And most of the people do prefer juliet roses as a decoration in their wedding venue. Lilies come in variety of colors and types. There are purple, white, pink, yellow, red and orange. And about type, there are 90 species in nine different divisions of lilies. Juliet roses are peach in color. These roses are expensive but also beautiful to have a bunch of them.”

jen starkJen Stark


Jen Stark is the founder of Happy DIY Home. A master gardener, interior designer and home improvement expert, she has completed many home improvement, decor and remodeling projects with her family over the past 10 years on their 4,500 sf Victorian house. She is also a passionate farmer who keeps goats, chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs on her farm, and an instructor for her community’s Organic and Sustainable Farming project.

“Flower arrangements are a very pretty gift to get and receive, and they have a great way of freshening up the space with a pop of color and fragrance. A few of my favorite flowers for arrangements include:

Peruvian Lily – This is a very popular cut flower choice, and it flowers later in the spring months into early summer. It will keep for one or two weeks cut, and it comes in white, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow coloring.

Carnations – These are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers you can get at 7 to 21 days, and they’ve very easy to grow. You’ll get a clove-like fragrance with them, and they come in pink, red, and white for the most part. You can easily have them blooming into the fall months if you grow your own.

Gladiolus – This is a very popular summer bulb, and they can reach between four and six feet and produce spiky, tall flower stalks. They are thirsty plants that will require monitoring for water, and they’ll last between 7 and 10 days in the vase.”

Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones is the founder of Beginner Guitar HQ, a leading guitar blog. She is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who spends much of her time on the road and has performed in 13 cities across 4 continents. She picked up her first guitar at the age of 6 and learned to play by ear shortly after. She received her formal music education at the Berklee College of Music, and has an uncanny ability to improvise creative melodies and harmonies. Her early influences include blues, jazz and rock.

“Beautiful flower arrangements make my heart happy and pleasing to the eyes. One of my favorite flower arrangements is the one done with daisies. These white flowers are commonly used for weddings with rustic and vintage themes. Plus daisies also gel well with other flowers on centerpieces and bouquets which makes them a great choice.

Roses also serve as great flower arrangements for Valentine’s day events or proposal day. When in doubt it is always best to go with roses because these never disappoint. These flowers are used as a symbol of love so it does very well for these romantic occasions. A flower arrangement of different shades of pink roses is a sight for sore eyes. It’s pleasant colors surely make those events special.”

Amanda Kitaura


Amanda Kitaura is the owner of Bloom Subscription.

“My favorite flowers change depending on the season and what is growing locally at that time. In spring, I love ranunculus, in summer I adore dahlias — the soft large fluffy ones don’t last very long but are so beautiful in the moment, and the ball type dahlias last longer and have some amazing texture. In the fall, I am obsessed with heirloom chrysanthemums.

My favorite place to have flowers is in the office. They help with creativity and reduce stress and a little goes a long way!

I also love to add flowers to any dining experience — whether it’s one beautiful centerpiece or something that travels down the center of a long table.

In addition, adding flowers to unexpected places at elopements — outside in the middle of nowhere, on stairways, stoops, and porches.”

Rachel FinkRachel Fink

Rachel Fink is the founder of Parenting Pod, a site dedicated to family mental health, positive and nurturing parenting, and wellbeing that also offers advice from licensed medical and psychiatric practitioners and experts.

“I personally love displaying flower arrangements during special events and occasions, as I find it is one of the easiest and most visual ways of marking it as a memorable day! I also just love matching the flower colors and styles to the event in question!

Apart from the obvious events, such as birthdays, festivities, holidays, and special announcements such as a baby shower, engagement party or similar, I actually enjoy bringing flower arrangements when I visit someone!

You know how a lot of people bring flowers when they’re a guest? Well it’s the same but with putting a little more thought into the flowers in question, so it’s a significant arrangement!

I also love matching the flower arrangement to the right jar, so I’m a big fan of thrifting for unique-looking jars and flower containers so that I always have a good selection!”

 Amber Sironen-Massey


Amber Sironen-Massey is the owner, stylist and minister at Epic Elopements and shares her wedding flower arrangement tips.

“Arrangements that are non-symmetrical are fun but colorful arrangements stand out and bring a brightness to the occasion. When planning elopements I normally have to go by what the couple would like to see but anything that is out of the normal and different is always fun. It shows the personality of the couple, which always makes me happy.

Many couples choose more traditional colors or white arrangements or bouquets with lots of eucalyptus – but bright colors stand out, give a more whimsical feel and make people happy.”

Sharon Dylan

Sharon Dylan is the co-Founder and Career Coach of Management Help LLC. As someone who really loves flowers, she’d shares a few simple tips to add a creative flower arrangement to your home.

“Use a small vase and create a bud vase flower arrangement. You can put flowers like lilies, orchids, roses, or even other types of flowers, and arrange them in a centerpiece-like fashion. You can use it in your living room area and place it in the center table to add a dash of color to the living room. Aside from giving an aesthetic value to the room, it also has health benefits as flowers and other plants have a calming effect on the mind.”

Harriet Chan


Harriet Chan is the co-founder and marketing director at CocoFinder, a search engine for public records.

“Crescent flower arrangements are one of my favorite types for a few reasons.

First, they are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of settings.

Second, they are relatively easy to make, which makes them a great option for those who are not experienced in floral design.

Finally, crescent arrangements often have a very elegant and classic look that can add a touch of class to any event. While there are other types of arrangements that I also enjoy, I find that crescent arrangements offer the perfect balance of beauty and simplicity.

For these reasons, they will always have a place in my heart as one of my favorite types of flower arrangements.

The important thing to keep in mind when working with floral arrangements is trust your instincts. From the type of flower to color and how or where to display, any floral arrangement that comes from the heart will work. If you are out of ideas and need a great floral arrangement, then consider a FruitFlowers® floral arrangement. Plus, if you can’t find the right arrangement, then you can just build your own flower gift that’s just right! With a variety of arrangements for specific occasions or a custom option, you’ll find the perfect floral arrangement for your needs.

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