50 Best Flower Arrangement Ideas For Any Style Or Occasion

Flower arrangements are decorative displays of cut-flowers that make for both beautiful decor elements and thoughtful gifts. The best flower arrangements are those that match the theme or style of a specific home, space, or special occasion. For example, a bouquet of sunflowers is perfect for displaying in a modern-farmhouse designed space, especially in the summer season. On the other hand, a bouquet of roses makes for the best flower arrangement for gifting on a romantic occasion, such as an anniversary. But ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with whatever flower arrangement you choose. Fresh-cut flowers always look stunning in an arrangement and are sure to be enjoyed by anyone.

Different types of flowers have different meanings, colors, styles, and other unique characteristics. And with over 400,000 different flowering plants in the world, there are a variety of different flowers that can come together to form a flower arrangement. When choosing a flower arrangement, you can choose one that best speaks to your style or even one that carries symbolic meaning that’s just right for a certain occasion. No matter what you choose, the best flower arrangements will add a lovely fresh touch to any space or special occasion.

Best Flower Arrangements To Choose From

If you need some flower arrangement inspiration, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the 50 best flower arrangements to choose from. With a mix of different flowers and styles, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for any occasion or space in your home!

1. Simple White & Green Arrangement

white and green flower arrangement with chocolate covered strawberries box

A simple bouquet of white blooms and greenery is a fresh and beautiful choice for a variety of occasions. Its elegance and simplicity make it particularly lovely for a romantic occasion, like an anniversary. For a simple white and green bouquet perfect for celebrating an anniversary, order the FruitFlowers® Happy Anniversary Bouquet Gift Set. It’s a bouquet that’s like a breath of fresh air, and is even paired with chocolate covered strawberries for the perfect anniversary gift.

2. Lush Flower Arrangement

lush flower arrangement of hydrangeas

A lush flower arrangement, made from a variety of dense and full blooms, adds a lovely touch to any space. Some flowers to consider including in a lush flower arrangement are carnations, peonies, and hydrangeas, which will come together to create a gorgeous fluffy arrangement of blooms.

3. Minimalistic Flower Arrangement

minimalistic flower arrangement of two pink flowers in a clear bud vase with blue background

A minimalistic flower arrangement makes for the perfect addition to a small space, like a bathroom, or the perfect “just because” gift. These arrangements can be created by placing one or two stems of a tall flower in a small bud vase. The arrangement will be simple, but that’s what makes it so beautiful!

4. White Blooms Flower Arrangement

white flower arrangement with chocolate dipped fruit tray

White flowers are often thought to symbolize new beginnings and remembrance, making them a fitting flower for a condolences flower arrangement. For a beautiful gift that provides this message, consider giving the FruitFlowers® Condolences Bouquet Gift Set. This lush arrangement of white florals is paired with chocolate dipped fruit, making it a great gift to provide comfort and love in times of need.

5. Blue Blooms Arrangement

up close of blue flowers

An arrangement of blue blooms is the best flower arrangement for symbolizing peace and calm. For an arrangement of blue hues that brings true serenity, consider including blue hydrangeas, delphiniums, and forget-me-nots.

6. In the Weeds Arrangement

flower arrangement of daisies and other weed flowers

When you think about creating a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers you probably don’t immediately think of using weeds. However, there are a wide range of flowering weeds that can be used to create a simplistic and natural looking arrangement. Some weeds to consider including are common ragworts, buttercups, daisy weeds, and creeping thistle. All of these varieties have a dainty appearance for creating a light and airy arrangement.

7. Mixed Flower Arrangement

flower arrangement of mix flowers with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and box of chocolates

For a fun flower arrangement that sparks joy, consider a mixed flower arrangement. Mixed flower arrangements are made from a variety of colorful blooms, making for a bright and colorful bouquet that’s sure to bring cheer to any space. If you want to gift a mixed flower arrangement, consider the FruitFlowers® Just Joyful Gift Set. It’s complete with a gorgeous mixed flower arrangement, chocolate covered strawberries, and a box of chocolates!

8. Pretty Pinks Flower Arrangement

flower arrangement of pink flowers in clear vase

A flower arrangement of all pink flowers will come together to represent grace and happiness. This makes a pink flower arrangement perfect for adding joy to any space. It also makes for a great gift for happy occasions, like a birthday or graduation. For an arrangement of pink blooms, consider including azaleas, dahlias, tulips, and roses in shades of pink.

9. Springtime Blooms Arrangement

spring flower arrangement in clear vase with white background

Gather spring blooming flowers for an arrangement that brings all the spring vibes and makes for the perfect springtime gift. Some spring blooming flowers to consider including are daffodils, lily of the valley, and crocuses. On their own or mixed together, they create a stunning spring-inspired display for your home or to give to someone you love this spring!

10. Dipped Fruits Flower Arrangement 

dipped fruit flower arrangement

For a bit of an unconventional take on a flower arrangement, consider trying an arrangement of delicious dipped fruits. Replace the flowers with flower-shaped fruits dipped in decadent chocolate for an incredibly delicious arrangement you can enjoy. To have a dipped fruit arrangement delivered right to your door, consider trying the Delicious Celebration® – Dipped Fruit Delight by Edible Arrangements®. It’s complete with dipped pineapple daisies, dipped strawberries, and so much more.

11. Bright Blooms Flower Arrangement

brightly colored tulips flower arrangement

A bouquet of vibrant blooms can come together to form a bright flower arrangement that can bring cheer to any occasion or room. Some bright blooms to consider for this arrangement are pansies, tulips, and crocuses, all of which can be found in brilliant colors. A bright blooms arrangement makes for the perfect birthday gift and adds a stunning pop of color to any space.

12. Succulent Arrangement

arrangement of succulents

For an arrangement that’s truly one of a kind, try creating a succulent arrangement. Some popular types of succulents to consider include green platters and moonglow, which will come together to form a uniquely beautiful green display. Some succulents, like the jade plant, will even flower to add a pop of color to your succulent arrangement.

13. Personalized Flower Arrangement

flower arrangement of colorful mixed flowers in stone vase and white background

If you’re choosing an arrangement for a gift, a personalized flower arrangement is an awesome choice. For a just-for-them gift, create an arrangement of all of their favorite flowers. In addition, choose hues that match their style and a vase that will compliment their unique decor. Or, choose to order a FruitFlowers® Build Your Own bundle, where you can hand select an arrangement you know they’ll love. Plus, it will come with delicious treats, like chocolate covered strawberries, for the ultimate flower arrangement gift.

14. Fragrant Flowers Arrangement

flower arrangement of roses and lilacs

For an arrangement that will fill you or a loved one’s home with a delightful floral scent, consider a bouquet of the most fragrant flowers. Some highly fragrant flowers to consider are roses, sweet peas, and lilacs. When paired together, they will create a bouquet that brings a beautiful floral scent. Plus, it will look stunning!

15. Fall Florals Arrangement

flower arrangement of sunflowers and other fall flowers in a clear yellow vase

A bouquet of fall florals will add a seasonal-themed pop of color to your home and makes for an awesome fall time gift. Some fall blooms to consider incorporating into your fall arrangement include sunflowers, chrysanthemums, pansies, and celosias. When paired together in shades of red, orange, and yellow, they form the perfect autumn inspired display.

16. Kitchen Herbs Arrangement

fresh herbs in clear vase with twine wrapped around the stems

A unique spin on a flower arrangement that is both beautiful and useful is an herb arrangement. If you grow your own herbs at home, you can simply snip some bunches of herbs and place them in about an inch of water in a vase. Not only will this look simplistically pretty on your kitchen counter, but your favorite herbs will be ready to use each and every time you cook!

17. Happy Birthday Flower Arrangement

happy birthday flower arrangement with confetti coated chocolate covered strawberries

Flowers are always a welcomed birthday gift. For an arrangement that brings the celebration, choose one that’s full of colorful flowers. If you know the birthday celebrant’s favorite flowers, pick those for a personalized birthday arrangement gift! For a ready-to-send option, send them a FruitFlowers® Deluxe Birthday Gift Set. It is complete with blushing roses and alstroemeria lilies, and is even paired with confetti-coated chocolate covered strawberries.

18. Happy Easter Arrangement

easter flower arrangement of tulips and daffodils with other easter decorations

To wish someone a happy Easter, send them a bouquet of spring time flowers in soft pastel shades. Some flowers to consider including in your Easter arrangements include daffodils, tulips, and gerbera daisies, all of which can be found in soft shades of spring-inspired colors, including pink, yellow, and blue.

19. Full of Cheer Flower Arrangement

arrangement of yellow flowers in a tall ceramic vase

For a flower arrangement that’s sure to bring some cheer, choose to create a bouquet of all yellow blooms. Some classic yellow blooms to consider are sunflowers, daffodils, yellow roses, and ranunculuses. It’s an arrangement that will add a cheerful pop of color to any room and is a great gift to send for some much needed smiles.

20. Black Flower Arrangement

hand holding single black rose

An arrangement of (almost) black blooms might not be the most fitting choice for a lot of occasions. However, if you’re hosting a Halloween party or have a dark home aesthetic, it could be a unique and show-stopping choice! Although black flowers are rare, some flowers can seem black due to their extremely dark hues of purple, red, or blue. Some flowers that you can include are black barlows, irises, and roses, all of which can be found in almost-black hues.

21. Rainbow Roses Arrangement

different color roses in clay vases

For a meaningful and colorful arrangement, consider a bouquet that includes roses of all different colors. Each color will represent a different meaning, allowing you to mix and match colors depending on the special occasion or person you are gifting to. For example, incorporate yellow roses for a gift that symbolizes friendship and red roses for romance. The colorful rose arrangement will make for a fun gift, and will look great on any countertop for a fun pop of color.

22. Lush Green Arrangement

green flower arrangement of bells of ireland flowers

For a luscious, fresh-looking arrangement consider creating a bouquet of all green blooms. This monochrome arrangement can be filled with flowers in shades of green, like bells of Ireland, ‘green ball’ dianthus, and carnations. In addition, you can add in some filler for greater dimension and variety, such as eucalyptus and fern.

23. Romantic Mixed Florals Arrangement

romantic flower arrangement in front of mirror

Looking for the best flower arrangement for a romantic gesture? Consider a mixed flower bouquet of roses, peonies, carnations, and sweet peas. These flowers all represent romance, love, and affection, making them the perfect mix for a romantic arrangement. In shades of red and pink, they form the perfect love-themed bouquet for that someone special in your life.

24. Festive Floral Arrangement

christmas flower arrangement

During the holiday season, a flower arrangement makes for a great centerpiece for a holiday party and a beautiful gift that anyone is sure to love. This holiday season, create a festive floral arrangement with holiday-inspired blooms in festive hues. A bouquet of red roses with mixed greenery incorporated throughout is a great option for a festive display. In addition, berries and pinecones can be added in for an extra holiday-inspired arrangement.

25. Garden Flowers Arrangement

garden flowers in clear vase on white windowsill

For an easy, home-grown flower arrangement, head out to the garden and snip a mix of in-season flowers. You really can’t go wrong with which varieties you mix and match. No matter what, it will create a gorgeous mix of seasonal blooms that will bring your garden indoors to enjoy!

26. Orange Blooms Arrangement

orange flower arrangement in white vase

Orange flowers are thought to represent feelings of fervor and exhilaration. This makes a bouquet of orange blooms the perfect gift for celebrating something exciting in someone’s life. For an orange blooms arrangement, consider including California poppies, begonias, and marigolds, which will come together for a warm and cheery bouquet.

27. DIY Dyed Flowers Arrangement 

rainbow dyed flowers

For a fun experiment to try with kids that will result in a colorful flower arrangement, try DIY dyed flowers. Simply fill some vases with different colors of food coloring and add in some white flowers to each vase. In just a few hours, you’ll see the white flowers transform colors as they soak in the dye. In the end, you’ll have a rainbow of flowers to incorporate into a single arrangement for a colorful display.

28. Basket of Blooms Arrangement

pink and white flower arrangement in wicker basket

Instead of choosing a classic vase, opt for a basket instead to add a unique touch to your arrangement. Choose your favorite seasonal flowers to include and you’ll have a flower arrangement that will look amazing as a centerpiece. In addition, a basket of blooms arrangement makes for a beautiful gift that anyone is sure to love!

29. Tall Flower Arrangement

tall flower arrangement centerpiece on long table

For a show stopping display create a tall flower arrangement. Choose a large vase and incorporate tall-stemmed flowers, like delphiniums, foxglove, and bellflowers. In addition, adding in twigs and tall greenery, like dogwood, will add some extra dimension and height. The impressive display will look stunning as a centerpiece for an event or in your entryway.

30. Pretty Purples Arrangement

flower arrangement of purple lilacs in white jug

Purple flowers are often seen as symbols of success, making an arrangement of purple flowers a fitting choice for celebrating an achievement. For an arrangement full of purple blooms, consider adding in alliums, lilacs, catmints, and geraniums. Whether someone in your life just graduated or landed a new job, a pretty purple arrangement is a great choice!

31. Winter Wonderland Arrangement

white and blue flower arrangement

An arrangement of winter-inspired blooms is a great way to add some seasonal decor to your home. In addition, it makes for a gorgeous gift to give that will warm anyone’s heart during the cold winter months. For a seasonally-inspired winter arrangement consider adding in pansies, violas, and snowdrops, which all bloom in the winter months. Choose hues of blue and white to create a stunning winter-inspired display.

32. Dainty Blooms Arrangement

flower arrangement of babys breath in rustic clear vase and blue wood panel background

An arrangement of soft, dainty blooms will create a simplistic arrangement that will compliment any room. Some dainty flower variations to choose from include baby’s breath, forget-me-nots, and fairy foxgloves. These flowers may be small, but when gathered together they form a delicately beautiful arrangement that is the perfect piece of decor.

33. Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement

thanksgiving sunflower and roses flower arrangement

A flower arrangement makes for a beautiful centerpiece for the dinner table on Thanksgiving. In addition, it is a great gift to give to those you are thankful for when this holiday rolls around. Flowers in hues of orange and red make for the perfect Thanksgiving arrangement. A few that would work great are orange roses, lilies, and sunflowers, which come together to form an autumnal-inspired bouquet for the holiday.

34. Rustic Style Arrangement

flower arrangement of sunflowers in rustic white vase and white wood background

For an arrangement that will go with a rustic home style or theme, opt for choosing flowers that follow an earthy color palette. Consider including peonies, sunflowers, and eucalyptus and use a vase that matches the style, such as a large ceramic pitcher or a vintage container.

35. Summer Blooms Arrangement

flower arrangement of mixed summer flowers

An arrangement of summer blooming flowers is the perfect seasonal touch of decor for your space. Some summer blooming flowers to consider including are alliums, begonias, dahlias, and daisies. Together, they will create a bouquet that will bring the summer vibes indoors, adding a brilliant pop of color to your home.

36. Peachy Petals Arrangement

peach flower arrangement

Peach colored flowers are thought to represent thanks and gratitude. This makes an arrangement of peach flowers the perfect gift to give to someone as a thank you gift. To show your gratitude, choose flowers like peonies, garden roses, and dahlias, all of which can be found in peachy shades.

37. Long and Low Flower Arrangement

low flower arrangement on dinner table

A flower arrangement that is long and low in stature is a great choice for displaying as a centerpiece for an event or on a large coffee table. For this arrangement, choose a long rectangular container that is shallow. Fill the container with your favorite blooms and greenery and you’ll have a gorgeous centerpiece that will wow any guests who visit.

38. Desert Blooms Arrangement

desert boho style flower arrangement of pink and orange flowers and greenery

A desert style flower arrangement adds a modern, earthy touch to your home and is perfect for a boho-themed event. For a desert-inspired arrangement, choose florals in hues of soft pinks, oranges, ivory, and green. Some flowers to consider including are light pink roses, ivory lilies, and peach carnations. In addition, adding in pampas grass and succulent accents will add the perfect desert-themed touch.

39. New Beginnings Daffodil Arrangement

flower arrangement of yellow daffodils in white jug vase against green background

For an arrangement that represents new beginnings, create a display that features daffodils as the star of the show. Because they are often the first flowers to bloom in spring, they are seen as a symbol of new beginnings. This makes a daffodil arrangement a great choice for gifting during life transitions, such as welcoming in a new baby or buying a new home.

40. Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement

pink carnations and roses flower arrangement

A flower arrangement of carnations and roses makes for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Carnations and roses both symbolize love, making them a fitting choice for showing how much you love and care for your mother. She’ll be sure to love the gorgeous arrangement and the meaning behind it.

41. “I’m Sorry” Flower Arrangement

blue hyacinth flower arrangement against white brick wall

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right words to apologize to someone in our life. A flower arrangement of beautiful symbolic flowers can’t hurt your efforts, right? Some flowers to consider including in your “I’m sorry” arrangement are blue hyacinths and tulips, both of which represent peace.

42. Friendship Florals Arrangement

vase of yellow roses on mantle

It’s always the right time to give a “just because” gift to that special friend in your life. For a flower arrangement that represents friendship, choose yellow roses and alstroemerias. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, while alstroemerias represent strength and support. With this symbolism, it’s clear to see why this arrangement would send the perfect message to a dear friend in your life.

43. Tropical Flower Arrangement

orange hibiscus flower arrangement on wooden table against dark background

An arrangement of tropical flowers will bring bright, warm colors to your home and make for a unique gift that’s sure to be loved. Some gorgeous tropical flowers to consider adding to your arrangement are hibiscuses, anthurium, orchids, and jasmine. These colorful tropical blooms will create an eye-catching tropical-inspired display.

44. “Get Well Soon” Flower Arrangement

daisy flower arrangement in brown ceramic vase

A flower arrangement is a great gift to receive, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. To create the perfect “get well soon” arrangement for someone in your life, opt for an arrangement of bright yellow and white daisies. The cheerful arrangement is sure to brighten their day and fill their room with joy as they recover.

45. Housewarming Chrysanthemum Arrangement

chrysanthemums flower arrangement in vase against wood background

Moving into a new home is a momentous occasion. And whether you or someone in your life is moving into a new home, a flower arrangement is a great way to celebrate. Choose a flower arrangement of colorful chrysanthemums, which symbolizes happiness and longevity. It is the perfect message to surround you or your loved one with while entering a new chapter of life. Plus, it will serve as a pop of colorful decor before the unpacking begins!

46. Red, White, and Blue Blooms Arrangement

close up view of red, white, and blue flower arrangement

For the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or other patriotic holiday, create an arrangement of red, white, and blue blooms. For a gorgeous mix, include red gerbera daisies, bluebells, and white roses. Together, they form a patriotic flower arrangement that makes for the perfect cookout decor or as a gift to a Veteran on Veterans Day.

47. Truck Flower Arrangement for Dad

pink and white flower arrangement in the bed of a blue toy truck

Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, or other special occasion, Dad deserves some flowers too! A fun and unique way to create an arrangement for Dad is to display the flowers in a vintage ceramic truck. Fill the truck bed with his favorite flowers and it makes for a cool flower display that’s just perfect for him!

48. International Women’s Day Arrangement

mimosa flowers in a round clear vase against a bright blue background

Celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day, with a symbolic flower arrangement that’s just right for the holiday. In 1946, the Italian Women’s Union of Italy organized the first celebration of International Women’s Day, declaring the mimosa flower the official flower of the holiday. Display an arrangement of mimosa flowers in your home to celebrate the holiday, or gift to a strong woman in your life as a symbol of femininity and strength.

49. Sympathy Flower Arrangement

red poppy flower arrangement in clear vase against green background

Sending flowers to someone after their loved one has passed is a thoughtful gift that’s sure to bring some needed comfort. One of the best flower arrangements for sending your condolences is an arrangement of red poppies. These flowers symbolize consolation and remembrance, which will send a meaningful message to someone going through a difficult time.

50. “Just Because” Flower Arrangement

yellow tulips flower arrangement in white vase on wooden table

Sending a “just because” gift is always a welcomed gesture. The best flower arrangement for sending just because is a cheerful bunch of blooms. A yellow tulips arrangement is always a great choice, as they symbolize happiness and cheerfulness. This meaning, along with their bright and cheery appearance, is sure to brighten anyone’s day!

With this list, you’re sure to be on your way to choosing the best flower arrangement for any style or occasion. Whether looking for the best birthday flower arrangement or one that matches your minimalist decor, you’re sure to find just the right one!

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