50 Best Hostess Gift Ideas That Will Wow Any Host

As a guest, it is appropriate to consider bringing a host or hostess gift to thank them for their hospitality and friendship. A hostess gift is a thoughtful gesture to acknowledge the effort they have made to make you feel comfortable and welcome in their home or at their party. There are a variety of events for which a hostess gift would be appropriate, such as weekend visits, dinner parties, or cocktail parties–among others. With this, you may find yourself on the hunt for the perfect hostess gift ideas to show your gratitude.

No matter the event, whether it’s a dinner party or weekend stay, a host or hostess would always appreciate a beautiful flower bouquet as a symbol of thanks. However, it can be more difficult to choose an appropriate gift to pair with the bouquet, depending on the circumstances. We present 50 creative hostess gift ideas that will make an impression and demonstrate your gratitude.

Consider including a gorgeous FruitFlowers® bouquet with your hostess gift. These bouquets will include either the FruitFlowers® of the month, a natural FruitFlowers® bouquet, or a rose and alstroemeria bouquet, and will demonstrate to the hostess how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. With beautiful, hand-picked flowers and a thoughtful gift, your hostess gift set will be a perfect token of thanks.

Overnight Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Thank You Flower and Bouquet Gift Set

There is nothing better than receiving a beautiful flower bouquet and delicious, decadent, chocolate-covered fruit. This particular gift set from FruitFlowers® will demonstrate how appreciative you are as an overnight guest to your hostess.

2. Luxurious Hand Wash

You can never go wrong with giving a hostess a luxurious hand wash, as it’s both special and usable. This particular orange blossom French soap has Vitamin E and organic argan oil to help keep skin soft. Pair this hand wash with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a symbol of your gratitude.

3. Picture Frame

A picture frame is a wonderful hostess gift idea to thank her for having you as a guest and to celebrate your friendship. These delicate photo frames will look wonderful in her home. Consider printing a picture of the two of you to place in the frame for an extra special touch.

4. Croquet Set

Imagine: the sun setting, cocktail in hand, and a fun croquet game out on the lawn. Your hostess will appreciate this game set as a fun activity for your visit, and as something she can use for years to come! Consider adding a fresh bouquet of flowers to truly thank your hostess for everything she’s done as an impeccable hostess.

5. Dessert and Baking Salts

Does your hostess or host love to cook? This unique set of flavored dessert salts will be a fun addition to their pantry. Featuring flavors such as lemon ginger, espresso, and vanilla cardamom, these unexpected sweet and salty flavors will be appreciated by your host.

6. Home State Ice Cube Molds

These silicone trays are stamped with iconic outlines of New York, California, or Texas. Show your hostess how much you appreciate being invited into her home—and her home state! Fun and functional, these ice cube molds are a creative hostess gift idea.

7. Recipe Tin

If your hostess loves to cook, and wants her kitchen to be stylish, then she will love this floral recipe tin. Each tin contains a gold metallic interior, a gold-framed label, and 24 recipe cards. Pair this with a bouquet of fresh flowers and your message of thanks and friendship will be much appreciated.

8. Hygge Conversation Game

When you are an overnight guest, consider gifting your hostess a game that celebrates conversation and friendship. This unique game includes conversation starters that helps people feel more connected as you enjoy a glass of wine or hot chocolate together.

9. Guest Soap Box

This box contains 15 different types of soaps in a variety of bright colors. These are perfect for any powder room. Available in scents such as vanilla, eucalyptus, and lemon, this box is a great hostess gift idea as it shows your appreciation and is something that she can offer guests for years to come.

10. Customized Map

Go above and beyond with your hostess gift idea by gifting her this customized map. Perhaps you want to celebrate the city where you met, her hometown, or where she currently resides; no matter what city you choose, she will love this art piece for her home.

Weekend Visit Hostess Gift Ideas

11. Tea Collection Box

Give thanks to your hostess with this stunning Tea Forte Soleil presentation box, which includes teas with botanical, fruit, and floral flavors. Not only are the teas delicious, but Tea Forte collaborated with the New York botanical flowers so the box displays stunning botanical artwork.

12. Playing Cards

It’s always appreciated when you give your hostess a gift that will be a fun activity for your weekend together. These Frank Lloyd Wright playing cards are stylish and fun. Imagine getting cozy on the couch with wine and playing a few rounds of gin rummy while you catch up.

13. Beach Bat Set

If you are visiting for a weekend, consider gifting this game set to offer your host a fun activity for the weekend and beyond. Frescobol is a game from South America and is fun for kids and adults alike. You can choose the colors and even personalize the bat if you want to go above and beyond with your hostess gift idea.

14. Moscow Mule Mugs

Your host will appreciate these beautiful antique copper mugs; the gift box also includes matching straws, a shot class, and mango wood coasters. Whether your hostess uses this set during your overnight visit, or saves them for another time, this is a great hostess gift for a weekend visit.

15. Coffee Sampler Gift Set

If you are visiting for the weekend, there is nothing better than to wake up on Sunday morning with a deliciously warm cup of coffee. This gift set is assembled by a world-class coffee expert and made from small batch microlots. Whether she’s a coffee connoisseur or just needs caffeine, your hostess will appreciate this gift.

16. Scatter Lawn Game

Bring your hostess a gift that you can both enjoy for the weekend and that she can enjoy for years to come. This traditional Danish game is easy to learn and uses a baton and wooden pegs. It’s a great game to accompany a cookout or picnic.

17. Snack Bowls

A good hostess knows that her guests like to be fed throughout the day; this set of six mini flower dishes will make serving snacks easy for her throughout your weekend visit. She can also use these for prepping and sorting ingredients while she cooks or for serving sauces or dips during a dinner party.

18. Croissants and Jam Box

Your hostess will appreciate this thoughtful and delicious gift. She can make this decadent breakfast for you both; the boxed set features croissants from a Parisian bakery, French butter, and fresh jam. This is a hostess gift that you can both enjoy!

19. S’mores Maker

What could make a weekend visit even better? S’mores! This indoor electric S’mores maker resembles a Lazy Susan with compartments for graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolates. Your hostess will appreciate the fun, nostalgic, activity; it will become a staple for all of her weekend guests’ visits!

20. Planter

This beautiful planter is a thoughtful hostess gift idea because it will look perfect as a centerpiece on her table or outside in her yard. Made for indoor or outdoor use, this Ming-style planter is decorated with traditional white and blue, as well as stunning botanical patterns. Consider building your own beautiful freshly-picked flower bouquet to build a flower gift set; she will proudly display the planter and your flowers all weekend.

Brunch Hostess Gift Ideas

21. Candle

Presenting your hostess with a flower gift set, with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a unique candle, will demonstrate how much you appreciate her efforts in hosting a fun and delicious brunch. This basil pop candle is chic and smells fabulous as it’s made from lime zest, basil fig, and tarragon.

22. Customized Shortbread Cookies

This box of cookies is not only a perfect dessert for brunch, but also a message of thanks for your hostess. You can personalize these cookies as a hostess gift; she will love the thoughtfulness as well as their deliciousness.

23. Tea Towel

To thank your hostess for a delicious and festive brunch, these tea towels are the perfect combination of form and function. These durable linen towels will look beautiful in her kitchen and hold up after multiple washings.

24. Cheese Board

For many hostesses and their brunch guests, cheese is an important part of any meal–morning, noon, or night. This extra-long cheese board is a perfect hostess gift idea as she can design her ideal cheese or charcuterie spreads; it even has slate that can be labeled with chalk for each of the food items.

25. Patterned Coasters

These beautiful Moroccan patterned coasters are both luxurious and functional for your hostess. Brightly colored, your hostess can use them to protect her table but also display them proudly. Pair these with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a thoughtful hostess gift set.

26. Teapot

A thoughtful hostess gift idea is one that she can use for your brunch and for many days and weeks to come. This stylish glass teapot contains a frosted infuser to make delicious tea. Its beautiful display will match any kitchen style.

27. Sprigs of Kindness Bowl

You want to choose a hostess gift that demonstrates your appreciation and your friendship. This handmade bowl is imprinted with real herbs and baby’s breath. Inside the bowl reads, “Sprigs of kindness make a good recipe for life.” This is one hostess gift that will never be forgotten.

28. Beverage Dispenser

Help your hostess hydrate her guests with this gallon-sized beverage dispenser. They can help themselves to chilled drinks; the stainless-steel spigot helps avoid any mess. She can infuse drinks with different fruits and she will appreciate that it’s dishwasher safe when it’s time to clean up.

29. Celebratory Balloons

While your hostess is busy cooking and planning the menu for brunch, a thoughtful hostess gift idea is providing the decor for her party. If the brunch is celebrating a friend’s engagement, these joyful balloons would be a great gift for the hostess–and for anyone who loves a good pun!

30. Serving Tray

A meaningful hostess gift is one that she can use during the event and for years to come. This beautifully festive floral tray can be used to serve muffins or coffees during the brunch, but also be put on display thanks to its bright colors and beautiful artwork.

Cocktail Party Gift Ideas

31. Garden Tile Pitcher

This beautiful pitcher will be a centerpiece for the hostess’s bar cart to serve guests either handmade cocktails or iced water. Painted by hand, this pitcher includes botanical motifs and shimmery tiles.

32. Lucky Charm Cocktail Picks

With these stunning icons, these cocktail picks offer glamor and whimsy for your cocktail party hostess. She will love the unique designs and be excited to share them with her guests. Beautiful and well-made, these cocktail picks will be a hostess gift she won’t soon forget.

33. Engraved Tequila Bottle

What’s better than a bottle of high-quality tequila? One with the hostess’s name on it! This creative hostess gift idea allows you to engrave a bottle of tequila with a short phrase or her name for a personalized keepsake item.

34. Wine Opener

Why not give your hostess a gift that she can use during the party, and for many parties in the future? This fancy wine opener will help her open the variety of wine bottles she’ll be serving during the cocktail party. She’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Consider pairing this wine opener with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to demonstrate how thankful you are for being invited to her cocktail party.

35. Coupe Glasses

These golden-rimmed glasses are stylish and elegant. As a hostess gift, you will not only demonstrate your gratitude, but also add to your host’s stylish home decor.

36. Copper Beverage Tub

This stunning and modern beverage tub is perfect for an indoor or outdoor bar space. Your host can fill it with ice and a favorite beverage to make a chic statement at their party. This tub’s copper finish presents an artisanal look and contains cutout handles to help your hostess move the drinks around the party.

37. Sugar Cubes

Perfect for a cocktail party hostess gift, these sugar cubes are designed to complement cocktails. Delicious and festive, these sparkly cubes will add a special touch to your hostess’s party.

38. Composite Agate Cheese Board

Gifting your hostess this stunning cheese board will help her show off the delicious hors d’oeuvres that she’ll be serving during her cocktail party. Crafted from pieces of natural agate, it is a one-of-a-kind piece. Consider combining this board with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to demonstrate your appreciation with a bright, special, hostess gift set.

39. Flowers and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Featuring a dramatic rose and alstroemeria bouquet of freshly picked flowers, this hostess gift idea from FruitFlowers® will make an impression. Brightly colored, your hostess will appreciate this centerpiece for her brunch, as well as the delicious chocolate-covered strawberries that can accompany her dessert.

40. Crafthouse Cocktail Set

Perhaps your hostess enjoys making handcrafted, unique cocktails. This stylish cocktail set will help her make cocktails for her friends and look great on her bar cart. She will appreciate the shaker, jigger, strainer, and muddler to make her favorite drinks for friends and family.

Dinner Party Gift Ideas

41. Recipe Journal

If your hostess loves to cook, and keep track of her most popular recipes, she will appreciate this moleskine recipe journal. It includes a notebook design specific for collecting her favorite recipes in one place. Consider pairing this journal with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to show your hostess how much you appreciate all the work she put into her fantastic dinner party.

42. “Which Would You Choose” game

Perhaps your hostess enjoys bringing everyone together during dinner with a fun and engaging game. The game “Which Would You Choose” presents 50 fun and family-friendly questions that ask participants to choose between two ridiculous situations. This hostess gift will provide hours of entertainment, conversation, and laughs.

43. Taper Candles

Help your hostess set the mood with this hostess gift idea; these statement candles are unscented and a beautiful centerpiece for a dinner party. The abstract lines add a whimsical flourish, and the 12-inch length means that they will last through the dinner party and beyond.

44. Oven Mitts

Perhaps your hostess has a sense of humor in addition to her impeccable cooking skills. These sassy oven mitts are a fun gift because she can use them while she cooks and because they will make her laugh out loud!

45. Place Cards

A thoughtful hostess gift idea is a set of place cards, which can help her with seating arrangements for her table. These unique cards include superlatives to honor each of her guests with “best” or “most likely to” accolades. They are engraved in gold ink and are a thoughtful, and elegant, hostess gift idea.

46. Pour Over Coffee Maker

Whether it’s at the end of a dinner party, or early the next morning, your hostess will appreciate this manual pour over coffee maker that allows her to make an excellent cup of coffee in minutes. It’s made from stainless steel mesh so that the coffee’s aromatic oils and flavors will come through. Consider pairing this with a fresh bouquet of flowers as a thoughtful hostess gift idea.

47. Food52 Ultimate Apron

Gifting your hostess an apron will be much appreciated if she is running back and forth between the table and the kitchen. These sturdy and stylish aprons will protect her party outfit and be used for many dinner parties to come.

48. Entertaining Beautifully Book

This beautiful coffee table book, Entertaining Beautifully, will inspire your hostess for future dinner parties. This elegant entertaining hardcover book displays beautiful and stylistic displays for events, holidays, dinner parties, and everyday moments.

49. Thank You Spa Set

It takes a lot of work to plan and carry out a successful dinner party! Show your hostess how much you appreciate her efforts with this thank you spa gift set. Beautifully designed with a minimalist style, this box contains a personalized gift message, compact with their initials, and bath salts, bath bombs, lip balms, and other specialty soaps.

50. English Garden Puzzle

After dinner has been served, a hostess is always looking for an activity to engage her dinner party guests. This beautiful, illustrated puzzle of an 18th century French farmhouse is a perfect activity to unwind after a delicious dinner.

As you choose the best thoughtful hostess gift, consider a FruitFlowers® bouquet. Pairing these beautiful flowers with a thoughtful, appropriate, gift will show your hostess how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you.

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