50 Creative Ways to Propose

When is the most popular time of year to propose?

Pre-COVID, 40 percent of engagements occurred between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, according to WeddingWire.com. Many of those dates occurred on and around Christmastime, which isn’t particularly surprising.

What is surprising is that most proposals are not a surprise! The Knot, a leading online wedding brand, surveyed more than 14,000 engaged or recently married brides and grooms from the U.S. They found that while 50 percent of proposers thought their partner was surprised by the proposal, only about 33 percent of the receivers said they were actually surprised.

Expected or not, a proposal is a big deal. According to the same survey, the average proposer spends 4.4 months planning the proposal. Perhaps more than ever before, partners are putting more time, thought, and effort into creating the perfect way to pop the question.

If you’re looking for a unique, memorable way to propose, we have 50 creative ideas for you here, from the adventurous to the artsy:

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Appeal to the Senses

Appealing to the sense is a creative way to propose

1. Hire a Personal Chef

Forget the restaurant and create your own ambiance by hiring a personal chef for a special meal. It can be someone you know who has obvious culinary talents, or you can do an online search for someone that can create an unforgettable evening for you. Some companies, such as Proposal007, specialize in this type of proposal and will handle the details for you.

2. Go for a Wine Tasting

If your partner is a wine lover, take him or her out on a wine tasting tour. Hit several places on a single day, finding your perfect wines. Rent a special car or limousine if you like. Then at the last location, pop the question. The winery may be willing to help you by setting up a special room complete with wine, chocolates, and flowers.

3. Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Pamper your partner by bringing them a breakfast tray filled with their favorite foods. You can make it more special by serving them several courses. Start with fruit, then toast, then eggs and bacon, or whatever your partner likes, even if it’s Pop-Tarts! Then the ring is the last course—perhaps hidden inside a delicious berry Danish or donut.

4. Wake Up to the Best Coffee

If you and your partner have a favorite coffee shop in town, consider popping the question there. Ask the barista if they’d be willing to write something on a cup or create a special latte for you. You can also hire a musical group to serenade you while you enjoy your special coffee and pastry.

5. Tingle the Sweet Tooth

Put together a basket of yummy delicacies. Good options include candy, chocolates, fudge, brownies, pastries, licorice twists, lollipops, or anything your partner likes. Then hide the ring box inside for your partner to find. Or, send your partner on a sweets scavenger hunt where they pick up a treat at each stop, ending with one that contains the ring.

6. Order Pizza

Pizza may seem ordinary, but if you and your partner love it, why not make it special? Order your partner’s favorite pizza, then ask the staff to write “Will you marry me?” on the inside of the box. Wait for just the right moment to give it to your partner to open.

7. Create a Pamper Day

Soothe your partner’s senses with a spa day, massage, aromatherapy session, facial, or other similar sensory activity. You can also treat your partner to a series of these sensory delights yourself if you don’t mind lighting an essential oil burner and using your hands to work out your partner’s knots. After they’re completely relaxed, treat them to a tasty meal and a surprise proposal.

Go Outdoors

8. Choose a Favorite Landmark

Think back on your courtship and choose a place that means a lot to both of you. Or, choose one you’ve both longed to go to but haven’t had the chance to visit yet. A restaurant, fountain, rooftop, monument, park—it’s up to you. Take a picnic if you like, or prepare the site beforehand so it’s complete with candles, a blanket to sit on, flowers, and any other special touches you’d like to add.

9. Plan a Backyard Movie

If you’re proposing during a warm month, plan a backyard movie for your family and friends, or just the two of you. Before the date arrives, create a short video of you asking your partner to marry you. Make it as simple or as fancy as you like. Then set up movie night to be special. Fix your partner’s favorite food and snacks, set out nice blankets and pillows, and after the movie, play your video.

10. Go Camping

Camping can be very romantic if you do it right. Plan a trip when the weather is forecast to be good. Pack delicious food and drinks, comfy blankets, and anything else you might need. Take along a telescope to include some stargazing in your special getaway.

11. Catch a Fish

If you both enjoy fishing, you can turn this typically unromantic activity into a romantic one. Your partner will never suspect that this is about a proposal! Enjoy a day of catching fish, then as the sunset, propose in the boat or on the shoreline. Perhaps attach the ring to her fishing line?

12. Take a Drive

Fall is the perfect season for going on a nature-viewing drive. If you have a nature reserve, national park, or another scenic area nearby, that will work perfectly. Take your partner out grocery shopping or something typical and then make a detour toward your beautiful spot. Make a playlist with some of your partner’s favorite songs and play it as you drive along, then end somewhere gorgeous to ask the big question.

13. Visit a Farm

During harvesting months, many farmers will allow you to pick your own produce from their gardens, fields, and orchards. Spend the day gathering healthy food and when you’re done, work with the farmer to make your proposal extra special. Pictures by the tractor or fruit trees can be fun too!

Get Adventurous

14. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Think of a few places that are meaningful to your relationship. Then send your partner (and maybe a few friends or relatives) to visit these places. Have pre-made cards or notes at each place for your partner to find. You can express your love, describe what you remember from that place, or provide riddles for your partner to solve. At the end, there you are ready to propose.

15. Take a Hike

Proposing at the end of a hike can be particularly special. It’s intimate, adventurous, and picturesque. You’re both happily tired from the hike and have left any stress from your daily lives behind. You’ve enjoyed a fun, physical activity together that can help calm your nerves. And if you choose a beautiful location, your engagement pictures will be awesome!

16. Go Wall Climbing

This is perfect for those couples who love extreme sports. Talk with the company before you go, and ask them to put your proposal at the top of the wall. Add some flowers to it to make it more special. Then when your partner reaches the top, they’ll find the note while you wait on bended knee on the floor. Make it even more special by going on a real climb in the mountains.

17. Messages in the Snow

A skiing or snowboarding trip can make for a memorable proposal. You’ll probably be surrounded by beautiful winter scenery, and the cold will encourage you to snuggle up together by the fireplace when the day is over. If you’re staying at a resort, arrange for a special surprise like a couple’s massage or spa day. Then when you’re ready, take your partner to a unique location where you’ve written “Will you marry me?” in the snow. Some ski resorts will also help you create a larger message that you can both see from the ski lift.

18. Go Skydiving

This is another fun one for adventurous couples. Keep the proposal a secret from your partner, but plan to ask the question in your most creative way. Make your own sign and have it there at your landing location. Or ask several of your family and friends to hold up a banner that your partner will see as you’re both falling.

19. Fly Up and Away

Take your relationship to new heights in a hot air balloon. Plan a gentle and peaceful ride for breathtaking views, then take along the ring with perhaps a few flowers or a little music to make the proposal extra special.

20. Hit the Waves

A summertime white water rafting trip can be just what you need to get both of your hearts racing. Tuck the ring away carefully inside your clothing so it won’t get lost, then plan your proposal when the raft drifts to shore.

21. Go Horseback Riding

If you like trying new things as a couple, schedule a horseback ride at your nearest riding location. It can be a lot of fun if you can do a beach, forest, or mountain ride. When the ride is over, share a bottle of wine and pop the question.

22. Deep Dive

If you live near a body of water that offers prime scuba diving conditions—or if you plan to travel to such a place—use the mystical nature of the deep for your adventurous proposal. Bring an underwater slate on your dive, and when your partner is most distracted, write your message. Then present it when you come together again.

Be Romantic

23. Copy a Scene from a Movie

What’s your partner’s favorite romantic scene from a movie? You can make them feel like a star when you recreate that scene for your proposal. Arrange your own special moment by using elements from that scene. Maybe you rent a white limo and climb the fire escape as in “Pretty Woman,” or stand outside the house blaring your favorite tune and propose on the front lawn as in “Say Anything.”

24. Fill the Room with Photos and Flowers

Too often all of our special photos remain in digital form. Get prints of the photos of the two of you throughout your relationship. Then pick a room in your home, a hotel room, or another special venue where you can hang the photos all around. Make the room even more special by adding several bouquets, some wine, your partner’s favorite treat, and some romantic music. Watch your partner’s eyes light up when they walk into the room!

25. Make It Musical

There are many ways to incorporate music into your proposal. One of the best ways is to hire a local musical group and ask them to serenade you while you’re out on a casual walk. You can choose a solo singer, barbershop quartet, band, or whatever appeals to you and your partner. Make it even more special by recruiting some dancers on social media. Then take your partner out for a walk at the appointed time and just “happen” to come upon this group, which ends their serenade with a “Will you marry me?” refrain!

26. Take a Spontaneous Trip

If the two of you can head off on the weekend, find a romantic spot where you can propose. Often finding somewhere within a day’s drive can be even more fun than jetting off to the Caribbean. You can both discover a place you didn’t know existed right in your own backyard, so to speak, and make it your own. Maybe you can find a bed and breakfast place that will help make the weekend special.

27. Head to the Amusement Park

If you have an amusement park nearby, use the magic of the lights and the rides to your advantage. Have your partner take a ride on the merry-go-round while you hold a series of signs for them to read as they go by each time. Or ride a Ferris wheel and propose at the top. Or take that roller coaster ride that snaps a picture as you go by, and ask the people behind you to hold up signs that say, “Will you marry me?”

28. Create a Silver Screen Moment

If you and your partner love the movies, this is a perfect idea. Many movie theaters have repeating advertising slides they show before the previews. You may be able to purchase one of these ads. If so, create your proposal for the ad, then plan a movie date when you know it will be playing. Be sure to get to the theater early enough!

29. Blaze a Candlelit Path

This is an oldie but goody when it comes to creating a romantic scene. Make a trail of candles in your home, a hotel room, or along a garden path that leads to a circle of votives positioned around your hand-made message, or you with a ring.

30. Propose a Mile High

How about a proposal thousands of feet in the air? Check with your flight attendant shortly after you board. Then once the plane has leveled off and the captain has taken off the seat belt sign, use the loudspeaker to make your high-level proposal.

31. Go Off-Roading

Four-wheel drive vehicles can take you where you could never go otherwise. Some off-roading companies will also help coordinate a proposal trip for you. You and your partner can head out in a Jeep or on an off-road tour with a guide, then stop somewhere for a picnic, a bottle of champagne, and a beautiful mountain proposal.

32. Build a Forest Wonderland

Make your partner feel like they’ve just stepped out of reality with this idea. Find a clearing off a hiking trail or in a wooded area and adorn it with a canopy of battery-powered lights, blankets, throw pillows, rose petals, a portable speaker, and maybe some champagne and sandwiches. Take your partner on a casual stroll that ends in your own fantasy wonderland.

Keep It Simple

33. Use Refrigerator Magnets, Ice Cream, or a Mug

Maybe the two of you aren’t the extravagant types. A simple approach is best. Try spelling “Will you marry me?” out in refrigerator-magnet letters, and let your partner find it. Or request a personalized label on your favorite Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream. Stick the pint in the freezer and wait for your partner to take a look. Or purchase a personalized mug and use it to serve your partner’s morning coffee.

34. Put It in a Board Game

If you like to play board games with your partner, use this fun activity as a way to propose. Invite other friends to join you if you like. If playing Scrabble, spell it out where the other person can see it. If you’re playing a trivia game, attach the question “Will you marry me?” to one of the cards and make sure your partner is the one to pull it. If playing charades, wait until close to the end, then draw an image of you down on one knee.

35. Bookworm Proposal

If your partner loves books, purchase two copies of that book they’ve been dying to read. Hollow out one and secure the ring inside. Wrap up both books. Then plan a romantic evening after which you give them the hollowed-out book. You can make it extra special by creating an evening that has something to do with the book. After you receive your answer, give your partner the real book so they can read it!

36. Personalized Puzzle

Many crafty online vendors sell personalized puzzles now. If your partner loves to put puzzles together, create one that once it’s finished, reveals your proposal message. Then spend some quality time together linking the pieces. Once your partner understands the message, it’s time to pull out the ring!

37. Make a Flower Delivery

Nothing says romance quite as well as flowers do. If your partner loves receiving fresh blooms, make it part of your proposal. Arrange for one or more bouquets to be delivered over a series of days. Then, on the last one, end with a note that says, “Will you marry me?”

38. Head Out to the Drive-In

After COVID-19 hit, drive-in movie theaters made a comeback. If you have one of these in your area, take advantage of it. You can simply go see a movie and propose afterward. Or you can make it more unique by working with the movie theater owners to include your video or collection of photos on the screen perhaps before the movie starts or in between the two movies if it’s a double feature.

39. Ask for the Dog’s Help

Who can say “no” to Fido? If you or your partner has a furry four-legged friend, ask them to help you with your proposal. Hang an adorable proposal sign around the dog’s collar before your partner takes them out for a walk, or create a hand-made proposal card complete with your dog’s (or cat’s) paw prints.

40. Glow in the Dark

Purchase a set of adhesive glow-in-the-dark letters. Then spell out “Will you marry me?” on the ceiling. When your partner shuts off the light, gets into bed, and looks up, they’ll get the message!

41. Open an Endless Gift

Present your partner with a really large box and explain that you got them a special gift. As they open it, they’ll realize that inside is another slightly smaller box. Once they open that, they’ll find yet another box. Keep this going until they finally get to the small box with the ring inside.

Make It Artistic

42. Write a Poem or Story

If you have a way with words, write a love poem to your partner. It’s best if you handwrite it, as then your partner can keep it always. If you prefer writing a story rather than a poem, that can work too. Build up to the climax, then have the story end with you asking for your partner’s hand in marriage.

43. Draw Your Own Flip-Book

Remember those old flip books kids used to make? You can use this fun activity to propose. Particularly if you like to draw, you can create flipbook animations that tell the story of your relationship. Use a small notebook, a pad of sticky notes, or a stack of paper that you can flip through quickly so the figures move. Make sure you start with your first image on the last sheet of paper.

44. Create a Diary

This makes a beautiful keepsake for your partner. Purchase a journal, then fill the pages with notes from you. Talk about how you feel about this person, recount your favorite memories of your time together, and then end with your marriage proposal. Feel free to paste some pictures on the pages too.

45. Arrange for a Personalized Caricature

This is a creative proposal idea that can surprise your partner on a sunny day at the park. Plus when you’re done, you’ll both have a keepsake to help remind you of the event. Arrange with a caricature artist before you go, then take your partner over and ask the artist to draw the two of you. When the artist creates a speech bubble next to your image saying, “Will you marry me?” your partner is sure to be surprised. Ask the artist beforehand to draw another speech bubble by your partner’s image, and then allow him or her to write in the answer.

46. Make a Mural

Create makeshift letters that spell out “Will you marry me?” using anything from construction paper to colored duct tape. Surprise your partner with the creation anywhere you like. Options include a room in your home, a hotel room, a park, or even an alleyway. If you’d like to take it a step further, hire a graffiti artist to create an artistic marriage proposal on your back fence or anywhere you can get permission for the mural.

47. Take a Couple’s Paint Class

Nothing is more fun than learning something new together. Sign the two of you up for an art class in your area. Or check for art studios and restaurants that host paint nights for special occasions. During a session of your choosing, paint your proposal question. Keep it hidden from your partner until you’ve finished, then do a big reveal.

Use Technology

48. Create an Online Deal

If you’re good at creating websites, make one specifically for your proposal. Take your time designing it. Maybe include several pictures of the two of you and write a few blogs about the adventures you’ve had together. Dress up the “about” page to talk about how you met. If you have kids, let them get involved in creating other pages. Finally, create one page with an intriguing title that your partner can’t help but click on, and post your proposal message there. When you’re ready, tell your partner about this cool new website you found, and let him or her discover the rest!

49. Make a Proposal Video

Create a video you and your partner will love. Include shots of you at each of the locations that are important to you both. Tell the story of your love. Include statements from your friends and family about your journey as a couple. Then end with a shot of you down on one knee.

50. Get Social

Recruit as many friends of your partner as possible. Send them a proposal video or picture of you proposing. Coordinate a time that your loved one will likely check their social media and have every one of their friends post the pictures/video at the same time. Their feed will fill with your big question!

Of course, there are endless ways to propose to the one you love, and your proposal should be just as unique as your relationship and the love you share. Make the day you pop the question even more complete with a FruitFlowers® bundle: choose a gorgeous bouquet and a delectable treat you can share in celebration after they say “Yes!”

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