DIY Tips to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements

From soothing collections of similarly hued blooms to exuberant bursts of many shaded table centerpieces, people often enjoy and appreciate how flower arrangements accent their homes or the way a thoughtfully-placed floral design creates a specially curated feel to an event or space. Sometimes, the luxury of flower bouquets may be reserved for special occasions or one’s own personal (and well-deserved) gift of self-care and support. Choosing to adventure into artificial flower arrangements enables one to enjoy some of the positives that accompany real flowers with additional potential benefits. Fans of artificial flower arrangements note the following advantages of choosing this floral alternative: greater longevity, allergy avoidance, more economical (especially if one buys arrangements on a weekly basis), potentially more eco-friendly, and less care intensive.

A foray into artificial flower arrangement may initially seem limiting in terms of types of material and flower choices. Although silk and polyester are frequently used in artificial flower arrangement creation, expansion into repurposed fabrics and traditionally art-oriented materials has broadened the available scope of flower type, texture, and presentation. In considering the intended recipient of your artificial floral arrangement, consider personalizing the gift with flowers made from their favorite clothing, one DIY option, or presenting a customized collection that you’ve prepared or purchased from a dedicated artificial flower arrangement company.

5 Artificial Flower Arrangements

Depending on the material used to create the artificial flower arrangements, these selections can be as expensive and potentially more expensive than a real flower arrangement depending on size. However, some of these arrangements truly are art pieces themselves. Taking advantage of the opportunity to personalize the material used also provides a customized and unique gift that takes their interests and passions into consideration. In addition to traditional polyester and silk collections, there are some unique materials and styles that may appeal to you in selecting your gift.

  1. Paper Flower Bouquet Made With Book Pages

Artificial Flower Arrangement Made with Book Pages

Made of paper and plastic, you can customize this unique arrangement to the color scheme and book of your choice. Consider how such artificial flower arrangements may be the perfect decor for your upcoming literary event or as a gift for your favorite book lover or crafter.

  1. Orange Silk Peony Bouquet

Artificial Peony Bouquet

Silk flowers are one of the more traditional artificial flowers. Available in a variety of shades, they hold up to temperature variations better than their living counterparts. Choosing them for bathroom, outdoor, or even entry spaces offers vibrant elegance without the wilting.

  1. Mixed Mum Artificial Flower Arrangement

Mixed Mum Artificial Flower Arrangement

This autumnal bunch is crafted from polyester, plastic, iron, and wire. Choosing artificial flower arrangements with longer stems provides additional flexibility in their design use or the container in which you may include them. Combining artificial flowers with natural flowers might also be a way to use these long stem bunches – a choice that some think lends additional realism to your artificial flower arrangement.

  1. Felt Flower Anemone and Hyacinth Table Art Bouquet

Felt Flower Arrangement

This floral designer elects to use only felt in the artificial flower arrangements as a more eco-conscious choice, since no additional plastic is used. These artful bouquets can be customized in color scheme and for either table decor use or as flowers for the bride.

  1. Polymer Clay Orchid

Clay Orchid Artificial Flower Bouquet

One of the more luxurious choices is this porcelain flower gift. An orchid is always a meaningful flower choice, but this orchid has been hand painted from bulb to blossom, which gives additional elegance without the fear of an orchid’s potentially finicky growing needs.

5 Tips for Designing Artificial Flower Arrangements

DIY Tips to Design Artful Artificial Flower Arrangements

  1. Consider what flowers you want to include in your artificial flower arrangement. Choose a flower or a selection of flowers that are favorites of your intended recipient or think about the meanings of flowers as applicable to the purpose or occasion of your gift.
  2. Now that you know what flowers you want to include, determine your artificial flower source. Craft stores may offer a nice variety of blooms and filler greenery, as do many online retailers. Other choices include specialty producers of blooms for artificial flower arrangements or making your own flowers! In addition to the meaning of your flower types, flower color meanings and symbolism may also serve as inspiration.
  3. Thoughtfully choose a container. Clear vases or other see through options are not recommended artificial flower arrangements, as the stem section can be revealing in terms of material. Instead, be inspired by the location, event purpose, or personality of your recipient or explore vase alternatives!
  4. Before unleashing your creative side, contemplate the delivery of your artificial flower arrangement, including any packing needs that may need to accompany your flower choices or any associated design limitations prior to executing your vision.
  5. Once you’ve collected your materials, embrace your inner designer of artificial flower arrangements! These flower arrangement ideas may inspire your own design for a particular season, or these more general ideas on creating your own flower bouquet can support budding flower artists.

Ordering an artificial flower arrangement or designing one of your own may be a new gifting experience, but exploring this alternative to fresh flowers may enable you or your recipient to enjoy a floral experience more frequently, reuse or repurpose the components of the gift, or appreciate the gift for a greater time period. Other alternatives to artificial flower arrangements include dried flower arrangements and blooming fruit daisies, as well as the traditional flower gift set of fresh natural flowers combined with chocolate covered fruit from FruitFlowers®. Artificial flower arrangements are yet another opportunity to explore the countless possibilities in the realm of floral style and design.

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