10 Elegant & Beautiful Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are striking in their one-of-a-kind beauty. They can personalize outdoor space by showcasing elegant originality with their fragrant blooms, lush foliage, and vibrant colors. Consider sending tropical flowers to someone you care about; you can just imagine the spectacle and excitement of receiving a tropical flower bouquet.

Originally native to tropical locations, such as Central America, Asia, or Africa, tropical flowers typically require hot and humid climates to grow. However, tropical flowers can thrive in greenhouses and grow even as houseplants when cared for appropriately. Outdoors, tropical flowers can be grown as annuals in warmer climates during the summer. Whether indoors or outdoors, tropical flowers contribute an exotic appeal to any space.

Some popular and well-known tropical flowers include orchids and rhizomes, but there are many, many more. To help you learn more about tropical flowers, and how they might bring elegance and beauty to your home, garden, or someone special, here are ten popular bright tropical flowering plants.

10 Most Popular Tropical Flowers

  1. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a climbing plant that is native to South America. These tropical plants can grow up to 30 feet tall. They are grown for their tiny white flowers, which are surrounded by vibrantly colored bracts, otherwise known as leaves. The bracts are not flowers, but they do come in a range of colors such as yellow, red, and purple. Flowers bloom in clusters along a thorny stem and produce berry-like fruits.

Bougainvillea grows quickly and can climb a trellis or other structure. However, it does not have clinging vines, so it needs support. These tropical plants benefit from regular pruning. Considered a symbol of passion to the Victorians, this tropical plant also symbolizes welcome and peace within certain cultures.

  1. Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is celebrated for its unusual flowers that look like a swooping bird of paradise. Native to South Africa, this tropical plant contains flowers that form clumps of broad foliage. Their leaves are gray-green and appear at the end of long stalks. These exotic tropical plants have vibrant flowers that can be orange, pink, blue, and green. Birds of Paradise can reach up to six feet high! While each bloom only lasts a week, Birds of Paradise plants have a flowering period in which each bloom opens at different times.

Birds of Paradise are award-winning tropical plants that benefit from full sun or partial shade; they can be grown indoors in cooler environments. Wonderfully, this tropical plant is beautiful even when not in bloom, due to its unique foliage. These tropical plants are the ultimate symbol of paradise and freedom.

  1. Passion Flower

Passion flowers are strong, hardy, tropical plants that take their name from the similarity between the shape of the flower and the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head during the Passion. Consisting of flowing purple vines and unique blooms, most Passion flowers come from South America and Mexico. The most famous type, Passiflora caerulea, is known as the “blue passion flower.”

Passion flowers can thrive on gazebos and trellises; they can also be used to cover fences thanks to their exotic flowers, rich foliage, and delicious edible fruits. The flowers produce fruits that are egg-shaped with a velvet textured orange skin. Passion fruits are bland and not the primary reason to cultivate these gorgeously exotic tropical plants. Instead, Passion flowers’ exotic blooms and attractive climbing plants create a unique outdoor space with their tropical look. Interestingly, the Passion flower’s five petals and five petal-like sepals are meant to symbolize the 10 apostles who were faithful to Jesus.

  1. Jasmine

Native to Asia, Jasmine is a beautiful, long, flowering plant whose original meaning is “gift from God.” Jasmine is known as a tropical plant with a large shrub that has twining stems that can be trained to grow up garden structures or trellises. The leaves of this tropical plant are deep green; jasmine is typically grown for its fresh, beautiful, and fragrant flowers. This tropical flower blooms in clusters in late spring or early summer.

Jasmine is known for its sweet, fragrant scent. Each jasmine flower cluster contains three to five blooms; each flower is star-shaped with five petals. This tropical plant flourishes in humid weather and needs to be protected from high winds. Jasmine is seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, and good luck.

  1. Magnolia

Magnolias are celebrated for their scented flowers and glossy leaves; their elegance evokes a celebration of warm weather and Japanese culture. While originally from Southeast Asia, these tropical flowers are also native to South and Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and even Florida. Interestingly, as one of the oldest trees in the world, Magnolia trees’ flowers do not have petals and sepals; they have petal-like tepals.

These tropical plants consist of generous blooms with pink, white, light purple, and cream flowers. Magnolia flowers only last for about two weeks before they fall off the tree. They are known to symbolize a love for nature, dignity, nobility, and perseverance.

  1. Lotus

Lotus flowers are celebrated as tropical flowers because they are a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. Lotuses consist of exquisite flowers of many colors, along with striking round and waxy leaves. These tropical flowers grow in water; if you have a pond in your backyard, lotuses can help you create an elegant, tropical garden.

Unlike other tropical flowers, lotus flowers have a unique life cycle. Their roots are latched in the mud, so Lotuses submerge into water every night and reblooms every morning, free of any stains. As a result, this popular tropical flower can be a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment within certain cultures.

  1. Hibiscus

As a tropical plant that often evokes Hawaiian hospitality, Hibiscus are extremely common exotic plants all over the world thanks to their beautiful flowers. Hibiscus can appear as a shrub, hedge, or a small tree. These striking flowering plants offer large, brightly colored flowers with long pistils. Typically, Hibiscus produces yellow, blue, pink, red, orange, white, or multicolored flowers. These tropical flowers are easy to grow from seeds or cuttings; they are also prevalent in flower shops around the globe.

There are over 200 species of Hibiscus to choose from. Not only used to create tropical, elegant, spaces, Hibiscus can also be used as a tea. It’s cousin, Malva, has been shown to have medicinal properties to lower blood pressure and sugar levels. This tropical flower symbolizes beauty, romantic love and passion, hospitality, friendship, and joy.

  1. Ginger

While Ginger is primarily known as a spice or food, it is also an elegant tropical flower. Native to Southeast Asia, it also grows in the Western hemisphere. This tropical plant can grow annually with tall, narrow, leaf blades that can reach one meter tall. The flowers of the ginger plant appear in different shapes and sizes, depending on the species, but they are consistently exotic, original, and striking. These tropical flowers can appear with white-pink, yellow, orange, red, crimson, or light purple colors.

When cared for with food, water, and warmth, Ginger flowers will thrive. Not only is Ginger used as a food or spice, but it has also been used for medicinal purposes. Thanks to their vibrant colors, Ginger tropical flowers are a symbol of strength.

  1. Bromeliad

Bromeliad is a flowering succulent plant that is undergoing a revival in popularity around the world. There are almost 4000 different varieties and come from both tropical and subtropical America. The plants grow on tree branches and on rocks, which makes them ideal for gardens. Bromeliads can decorate old tree trunks, walls, or stone features.

Known for their originally shaped leaves, these tropical flowers appear otherworldly as they appear as almost any color of the rainbow. Bromeliads flower regularly both inside and outside. These rich tropical flowers can symbolize wealth or success in life or love.

  1. Calla

Calla lily flowers thrive in warm environments, under a plethora of light. Typically, outdoor plants, these tropical plants can also thrive indoors when properly cared for. Calla has broad, ornamental leaves and is easy to care for and to bring to bloom. While most often white, Calla lilies can also appear in cream, yellow, orange, purple, or pink colors.

These tropical flowers are now some of the most popular cut flowers. You can see them in wedding bouquets as well as floral arrangements for funeral services. As Calla lilies often symbolize rebirth, they can provide solace to those who are grieving.

The elegance and beauty of tropical flowers allow you to make a strong statement with your home, garden, or gift to someone that you care about. As you begin planning your garden, or a special flower bouquet, consider which popular tropical flower will make the biggest statement. What type of flowers, colors of flowers and statement of love or support do you want to share? Tropical flowers of all kinds can be a centerpiece for special moments, including weddings, funerals, birthdays. They can also serve as a gift to yourself, as something to enjoy in your blooming garden or house. These lush, elegant, fragrant flowers are one-of-a kind.

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