50 Fabulous Flowers For a Fresh Fall Foliage

When we think about flowers in the fall, we generally think about foliage. As spring turns to summer and summer turns to fall, the flowers and leaves that surround us all change with the seasons. However, just because our favorite summer flowers are no longer in bloom, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy wonderful fall flowers. In fact, many spring flowers that jumpstart the growing season re-bloom in the fall!

Tips to Grow Fall Flowers

As opposed to spring and summer flowers, during the fall, then cold weather and potential frosts have an impact on the survival of the plants. Additionally, to grow flowers for the fall, they should be planted in mid to late August, which means the seedlings must adapt to heat stress during the day and frost overnight. Therefore, it is always important to check the growing requirements for any flowers planted during the autumn. For more growing tip during the fall, then these high level tips should help form the foundation for a successful autumn flowers.

  • Take care of the basics.

Routine pruning and in particular, deadheading, extends the blooms of your summer favorites into the fall. Trim your flowers in the late summer and this improves their vigor as the temperatures start to cool.

  • Plant Accordingly

The key to an extended flower season is planting flowers that thrive in the weather conditions. For example, tropical plants like cannas love heat, but thrive in cooler weather. These flowers bloom in mid to late summer and remain lively until the first frost. As a result, for a full season flower installation, plant flowers that bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall.

  • Watch Out For Frost

Frost (and cooler temperatures) vary from region to region. However, to create a lasting bloom of fall flowers, then understand your local weather patterns. For example, for colder climates, plant hardy flowers that are frost-tolerant like pansies. Conversely, for warm climates, know the average frost date because that allows you to gauge when flower season may end.

Best Flowers that Flourish in the Fall

For anyone that loves flowers, then fall is a great season. From the gorgeous fall foliage that shapes the roadside hills to home gardens and beautiful flower bouquets that start to mark the holiday season. With an incredible selection of colors, shapes, sizes and more, the following fall flowers flourish as the seasons change.

1. African Daisy

The African Daisy (or daisybushes) are perennials that bloom in the early fall (along with earlier in the year during the spring). With a wide range of colors and a flat, spoon-shaped petals, these make a great flower for mass plantings or along pathways that will brighten the fall landscape.

2. Aster

Asters are perennials, but often act as a season long annual flower, that blooms in wonderful shades of purple, pink, white and blue. As a fall flower with traditional spring and summer colors, asters create a nice pop of color vs the traditional autumn color scheme.

3. Autumn Crocus

Many flower lovers think of the crocus as a spring plant, but the autumn crocus is a look-a-like that blooms in the fall. With large petals in an array of colors like purple and white grow on bare stems (that then dies back down before flowering in the spring). Plant these bulbs in mid to late August and enjoy the bloom a few weeks later. But, the autumn crocus is poisonous, so be mindful of planting in areas with children and pets.

4. Beautyberry

Although beautyberry flowers bloom in spring and summer, the shrub yields pretty purple berries in the fall that last until winter. These are beautiful plants for any season! Plus, the berries make a great jam, which is perfect for a homemade holiday gift idea.

5. Black-Eyed Susan

A quick, yet elegant flower to kick off the transition to fall is the black-eyed susan, which may start blooming in the summer. This golden-yellow daisy shaped flower is ideal for any fall bouquet, particularly paired with asters. It is also a favorite destination for bees and butterflies.

6. Blanket Flower

The blanket flower (or gaillardia) is a short-lived, but easy to grow perennial that yields a daisy-like shape in rich fall colors like red, yellow and orange. Plus, as a drought-tolerant plant, this makes it a nice addition to border installations when planted towards the end of the summer.

7. Bluebeard

As an easy to grow and beautiful fall flower, the bluebeard is a great shrub that blooms in various shades of purple, blue, lavender and pink. A great addition to other fading green or gold foliage during the season.

8. Burning Bush

With a brilliant red color that blooms in the fall, the burning bush makes an elegant border plant, which also acts as an extended privacy screen. Keep in mind that it is an invasive plant and as its berries drop, they reseed and may alter other native plants.

9. Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush yields wonderful flower clusters in spikes of purple, blue, pink, yellow or white that also doubles as an irresistible destination for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators.

10. Calibrachoa

Also known as million bells, the calibrachoa yield small flowers that bloom in a vast array of colors and patterns. These flowers work well for fall flower containers and even window boxes.

11. Canna Lily

With large leaves that bloom in bold reds, yellows or oranges, the canna lily provides a little tropical flair during autumn. As a fall flower, this works well as a mixed border plant or in a nice container.

12. Caryopteris

Technically a shrub, the caryopteris blooms in the fall with a dark, glossy array of deep blue flowers. Plus, the plant attracts pollinators to help keep the local ecosystem active.

13. Celosia

An easy to grow, yet durable flower, the celosia is an ideal fall addition because it blooms in a variety of the natural colors. From yellow, orange, red and burgundy purples, the flowers will fit into the changing fall foliage. With flame-like petals, these make a nice addition to any fall flower bouquet as well.

14. Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemum fall flowers.

A festive fall flower, the chrysanthemum (or mums) bloom in the standard seasonal colors of red, orange, yellow and white, but also bloom in some contrasting shades of pink. As a very common flower, mums come in a variety of sizes, which makes them a great fit for any fall flower arrangement.

15. Coneflower

With standard seasonal colors, such as reds, oranges and magentas, the coneflower yields a cone-shaped flower that makes a nice addition to any fall landscapes as a border plant or in containers.

16. Croton

With a fall bloom, the croton yields rich shades of the classic seasonal colors like red, orange, yellow and purple, which makes it an ideal flower for autumn. Plus, with a wide range of varieties, this is a wonderful addition to any fall garden.

17. Cyclamen

Generally known as a houseplant, the cyclamen doubles as a wonderful plant for groundcover. Plus, with a lengthy blooming season, this will likely start growing in the summer and last through the fall.

18. Dianthus

With a wonderful fragrance, the dianthus is a truly outstanding fall flower because it yields beautiful white and pink to red and purple flowers. They feature a wonderful scent, which makes the ideal to plant near walkways or include in seasonal flower arrangements.

19. False Sunflower

With an interesting and appealing name, the false sunflower does produce yellow petals with brown centers to resemble its namesake. But, as a perennial, these will continue to bloom over the years.

20. Flossflower

With light and frilly flowers that come in blue, along with pink, purple and white, the flossflower shines with other annuals in a container or border installation.

21. Flowering Kale

Flowering kale or flowering cabbage is a tough plant that makes a great fall flower because it holds up well as temperatures start to drop. As a sturdy fall plant, they can last through winter in mild climates, along with providing a nice color and texture that contrast nicely with other flowers.

22. Goldenrod

An easy to grow perennial, the goldenrod not only adds some brightness to the fall landscape, but provides a natural nectar source for local pollinators.

23. Helenium

Also known as sneezeweed, helenium blooms in deep shades of red, orange and yellow. With a last summer and early fall bloom, these make a great anchor plant at the back of a fall installation.

24. Heuchera

Known for its colorful foliage, the heuchera, also called coral bells, is a cold weather perennial. It features a range of colors from deep burgundy to lime green, which bloom with stunning leaves that provide a much needed pop of color during the fall and early winter.

25. Japanese Anemone

With single or double flowers, the Japanese anemone blooms in late summer and fall to produce white or pink single or double flowers. As a long lasting and hardy plant, these create a colorful mixture in a border.

26. Lobelia

As a cool weather plant, the lobelia comes to life in the fall. With a cascading design, these work well in pots or hanging baskets when paired with bright colors.

27. Marigolds

One of the more popular flowers around, the marigold is a sturdy annual that blooms continuously from planting until freeze. Additionally, as they withstand cool nights and even a light frost, these are great fall flowers because they look great at home or in a bouquet.

28. Nemesia

With a delicate orchid-like scent, the nemesia blooms in an array of pastels and bright colors. These versatile fall flowers make a great addition in most settings. From containers and hanging baskets to landscapes and bouquet, the nemesia works well in all settings.

29. Oakleaf Hydrangea

As part of the hydrangea family, the oakleaf hydrangea is the rare variety that yields bright autumn colored leaves. For those new gardeners, then be careful not to prune this fall shrub because it may cut off the following year’s flowers.

30. Ornamental Pepper

While it looks like an ordinary pepper, the ornamental pepper should not be eaten, but remains a terrific fall plant. With a festive array of seasonal colors like red, yellow, orange and purple, these add a unique look to any fall flower landscape.

31. Panicle Hydrangea

With delicate clusters of star shaped flowers, the panicle hydrangea is truly a great fall flower. As a hardy plant, these can survive cold weather, which make them ideal for most fall and winter climates.

32. Pansies

A versatile flower with heavy blooms, pansies provide a wide range of colors and typically grow in small mounds. With a tendency to die off in winter, pansies planted in the fall will likely come back in the spring, which makes them a great fall and spring flower.

33. Petunia

A classic hanging plant flower, petunias bloom continuously throughout their growing season, which can last into the fall. Plus, with a distinct fragrance that peaks in the evening, these make an ideal flower for a hanging basket on a deck or patio.

34. Phlox

With star shaped petals that bloom in an array of white, blue, pink, purple, orange and multicolor, the phlox is a long lasting annual (or perennial depending on climate). These tend to grow well as ground cover, which provide a nice blast of color during autumn.

35. Purple Fountain Grass

More of an accent plant, purple fountain grass yields some beautiful burgundy to purple fall foliage. When mixed with other well known fall flowers like mums and kale, these add a nice texture to an autumn garden.

36. Reblooming Azalea

Typically, azaleas are known as an early spring flower, however, the reblooming azalea yields another blast of bright, bold yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or white petals during a fall growth. Like the traditional azalea, these make a great flower for pots, containers and of course, fall flower arrangements.

37. Red Twig Dogwood

Known for its incredible red foliage, the red twig dogwood is actually a shrub that loses its leaves in the fall. However, once the leaves drop, then the bright red branches standout with their lasting beauty through the fall and into winter.

38. Rose

One of the most well known flowers is the rose, which also doubles as an amazing fall flower. With a wide range of colors, the rose is a versatile flower that grows well in all types of home gardens and generally last until the first frost. Of course, the rose is an incredible addition to any flower arrangement, such as the Fresher Than Ever Roses & Mixed Fruit Gift Bundle.

39. Rosemary

When planted in the fall, rosemary grows during the cooler months, but bring it indoors when the temperatures drop and winter arrives. With some sun, the rosemary will thrive and provide fresh herbs during the winter.

40. Russian Sage

russian sage is a great fall flower

With tiny, purple flowers, the Russian sage blooms from mid-summer into the fall. As a tough and hardy plant, these survive dry conditions and a range of soils, which makes them great for a variety of climates.

41. Salvia

As one of the best fall flowers, the saliva yields long lasting spiky petals in a variety of colors and forms. These can grow as an annual or perennial (depending on climate), which makes them a great addition to flower beds, border installations and plant containers.

42. Sedum

With a vertical bloom, the sedum (also known as stonecrop) is a great fall flower because when cut, the flowers last for weeks as their own arrangement. Additionally, these are a vital source for local pollinators, like butterflies, during the fall growing season.

43. Shrub Rose

A variety of the traditional rose, the shrub rose blooms all season and well into the fall. As a hardy plant, the shrub rose does not require a lot of care, so these are great additions to home flower landscapes because they provide a bold color as the temperatures start to cool.

44. Snapdragon

Another fall flower with a vertical bloom is the snapdragon, which also works great in arrangements and adds variety to a mixed container. Plus, with a wide range of colors, snapdragons generally last until a hard freeze.

45. Sunflower

Although generally thought of as a summer flower, sunflowers are actually a great fall flower. As a result, flower lovers can enjoy their well known disk shaped bloom at home for most of the year. Plus, they make a great fall bouquet like the Farm-Fresh Sunflowers FruitFlowers® Bouquet.

46. Sweet Alyssum

With a strong honey scent, the sweet alyssum not only attracts bees and butterflies, but also provides a fragrance cloud. These enchanting flowers yield white, pink and purple petals that tend to grow quickly as ground cover and tolerates the cooler fall weather. However, they are wonderful additions to containers and arrangements.

47. Verbena

As a reliable annual plant, verbenas yield a low growing flower that spreads its tiny star shaped petals in white, purple, red, pink and multicolored varieties. With a blooming season from spring until the first frost, these are a great change of pace fall flower.

48. Viola

Related to pansies, violas are a charming flower that blooms in a variety of colors in the fall. With dainty, yet hardy petals, these flowers can sustain a lot of rain and inclement weather, which makes them great as the seasons change.

49. Violet

As part of the broader Viola species of flowers, the violet is a low-growing plant that tends to spread wildly in a garden. These prefer cooler climates, so while they struggle in the summer, they revive and bloom in the fall to show off their five petal flowers.

50. Zinnia

Although commonly thought of as a summer plant, zinnias last into the fall because they grow so quickly. When planted throughout the season, these make a great fall flower with their vivid colors. Additionally, if growing at home, stay on top of deadheading and these will last as a remarkable fall flower.

Fall is a remarkable time of year. The weather cools a bit during the day (and much more so at night), but we can still enjoy time outside. From golf to gardening or morning walks to weekends with friends, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the season. For that special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, consider how flowers can transform that ordinary gift into something extra special. For example, the Just Joyful Flower Bouquet Gift Set combines fresh cut blossoms with chocolate covered strawberries for a truly delightful and delicious gift.

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