Floral Design Tips For Creating Flower Arrangements Like A Pro

A well-designed flower bouquet – it looks stunning in your home as a centerpiece and is an impressive gift that’s sure to blow anyone away. Designing a floral bouquet takes some practice and tips, however, you don’t need to be a professional florist to create a stunning arrangement. Floral design can be done by anyone, especially with a few tips and tricks of the trade!

Floral design dates back to ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were creating impressively stylized floral designs for religious ceremonies and table decorations dating back to 2,500 BCE! Floral design has endured the test of time, continuing to be a well-loved passion by many. Even novice flower-lovers can create beautiful floral designs that show their unique style and personality. After creating a picture-perfect floral design, you have a beautiful display to either place in your home or gift to a loved one.

How To Create The Perfect Floral Design

Creating an eye-catching floral design will leave you with a fresh and gorgeous display that’s sure to impress. We’ve compiled some of the top floral design tips to get you started. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a floral arrangement that looks straight out of a magazine!

Tip #1: Choose A Style Or Theme

pink and purple flower arrangement on table

One tip for creating a cohesive, magazine-ready floral design is to choose a theme. Do you want to go with a whimsical wildflower arrangement? Perhaps you want a bouquet that’s more rustic, modern, or elegant. Choosing a theme that fits your style, or the style of whoever you’re giving it too, will allow you to create a just-right, personalized arrangement. It will also ensure that it will match your unique style and the style of your home decor where it will be displayed.

Tip #2: Choose The Perfect Mix Of Flowers

flowers and floral design tools on table

Along with your chosen theme, it’s important to choose the perfect mix of flowers for your design. With your vision in mind, pick flowers that will look stunning when placed together, choosing different types for some variation. Oftentimes, a well-designed flower arrangement will consist of a few different elements:

  • Focal Flowers: These will be the large flowers that will be the focal point of your arrangement. Choose round-shaped blooms for your focal flowers to make sure they stand-out in your floral design. Some good focal flowers to consider are roses, peonies, and ranunculuses.
  • Filler Flowers: Indicative of their name, filler flowers will fill out your flower arrangement. To make your design look full and bountiful, choose some smaller blooms to place around your focal flowers. Some great flowers to consider include baby’s breath, sweet pea, and spray roses.
  • Greenery: Along with your colorful blooms, a good floral design also includes a touch of green. Greenery helps to add both texture and freshness to your arrangement. For adding this lush touch, consider adding eucalyptus, leather leaf, or fern.
  • Line Flowers: Line flowers are tall flowers that have multiple blooms along their stem. These flowers add height to an arrangement and help to fill out its shape. Some popular line flowers to consider for your floral design are snapdragon, delphinium, and stock flower.

Tip #3: Measure Your Stems And Cut At An Angle

florist cutting flowers at an angle

When cutting your flowers, consider the vase you will be displaying them. Use the vase to measure the appropriate height and to cut your flower stems accordingly. Typically, your flowers should be no taller than one and a half times the height of the vase!

In addition, any professional floral designer will emphasize the importance of cutting your flowers at an angle. By doing so, you are maximizing the surface area for your flowers to absorb water. Additionally, the stems won’t sit flat against the vase, which would create a blockage from absorbing their much-needed hydration.

Tip #4: Use Some Support To Keep Your Floral Design In Place

rolls of mesh wire for floral design

Have you ever looked at a floral design and wondered how it stays in place so perfectly? The secret is, floral design pros use structural support to keep their blooms in place! When you create your flower arrangement, make sure you add this support. You can use floral tape or even chicken wire to create a grid to place your flower in. In addition to keeping your flowers in place, the grid will act as a guide when you are building your design.

Tip #5: Layer Your Flowers Strategically

hands arranging flowers in a flower arrangement

Once your flowers are chosen and your vase is prepped with a grid, it’s time to place your flowers. Layering your flowers strategically makes for an eye-catching, pro-level design that is sure to wow. With the following steps, you can create a perfectly layered floral arrangement that will have people asking what florist created it!

  1. Place Your Focal Flowers: Start with the flowers that will be at the center of your arrangement. Making sure that these focal flowers are right where you want them will allow them to shine and pop within your arrangement. Turn the vase as you place your flowers to make sure you have a symmetrical and balanced design.
  2. Insert Your Filler Flowers: Once you have your biggest flowers in place, move onto your filler flowers. Scatter these flowers amongst the grid to add fullness to the arrangement.
  3. Pop In Your Greenery And Line Flowers: Place your greenery and line flowers in last. This will help to develop the shape of your bouquet and will tie it all together. Make sure to vary the spacing and varieties of flowers to create a balanced look!

With these floral design tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a magazine-worthy flower arrangement. Whether gifted to a friend or placed in your home, it will be a stunning display that is sure to be enjoyed. And for when you’re in a pinch or want the pros to handle the arranging, consider a FruitFlowers bouquet. Paired with chocolate covered strawberries and other dipped fruit, a FruitFlowers bouquet is an extra-special gift that will truly wow anyone!

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