10 Special Moments For a Fruit Flower Arrangement

How do you make a special moment in life even better? For most of us, we acknowledge these moments with cards, notes, flowers and gifts. How do you make these gifts even better? Combine them into a fruit flower arrangement that offers the best of both worlds. Flowers are powerful gifts that celebrate our accomplishments because they connect with our emotions. Beautiful flower bouquets have that magic we can’t quite describe. Add in a perfume-like fragrance and they connect with senses as well. Finally, add in some fresh fruit, chocolate, nuts and more to one of life’s simple pleasures and you’ve created a fruit flower arrangement that elevates special moments and enhances the everyday moments to something special!

10 Fruit Flower Arrangements That Sweeten Those Special Moments

Life is filled with special moments. From coming of age moments to watching your kids grow up, there is always something worth celebrating. Frequently, we rely on standard gifts or simply overlook seemingly everyday activities that are worth celebrating (at least occasionally). To help recognize these times, here are a few special moments that any fruit flower arrangements will sweeten.

  1. Father Daughter Dance

Many schools, in particular elementary and middle schools, hold an annual Father Daughter dance. While not the prom, these dances are a memorable event for both dad and daughter as they get dressed up and bond. Mark this memory with a special gift like the Just Joyful Gift Set, which will show your daughter how much you love her.

  1. Sweet Sixteen Birthday

While flowers are great for every birthday, there is something special about a sweet sixteen birthday gift. The teenage years can be quite difficult for child and parent, so take a break from the mayhem and bask in this unique time. Not a child and not yet an adult, the Deluxe Birthday Bouquet Gift Set includes a little of both worlds. With tasty treats and fresh flowers, this shows your daughter how much you love her.

  1. Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation isn’t quite like high school or college, but increasingly many families mark this moment in time. Your child just completed their first year of school and their journey is just beginning. The Owl Always Love You Fruit & Flowers Bundle shows how proud your are, but also is right up your now first graders sense of humor! This all-wise, all-adorable, and all-delicious graduation gift is a sweet way to let them know you love them, while also showing how they’ve matured.

  1. Pool Parties

Summer pool parties aren’t exactly like graduations and birthdays, but these seemingly forgetful days are the memories we take with us over the years. To make the next pool party extra sweet, pick up the Sweet Summer Fruits, Flowers, & Chocolates Gift Bundle and treat yourself and family to all the seasonal sweetness and beautiful flowers.

  1. Sympathies

Unfortunately, not all of life’s memorable moments are happy. We all suffer through some grief and loss at times. If your family or a loved one is going through a loss, then show your love and condolences with Condolences Bouquet. Add a personal note to show how much you care as well.

  1. Get Well Soon

We all need a pick me up from time to time. If your friend or loved one is recovering from an injury or sickness, or quite simply just feeling blue, then send something like the Well Wishes Flower Bouquet, which aims to lift their spirits with features freshly-cut premium blooms nestled in a bed of gorgeous greenery. Of course, this FruitFlowers® box also comes with a hearty helping of chocolate covered fruit to sweeten their day.

  1. Retirement

We all work hard to help provide for our families. But, we also look forward to retirement when we can take a step back from the daily grind and enjoy the things we love. When your friend or loved one finally retires, then make the day special with the Just Joyful Gift Set that includes gorgeous flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and delicious box of chocolates. It’s the perfect gift that has a little bit of everything because now they can try a little bit of everything.

  1. July 4th

The summer is marked by a few holidays. Memorial Day kicks off the season, July 4th marks the halfway point and Labor Day means back to business. While there are plenty of gatherings around July 4th, make it extra sweet with the Summer Flowers & Chocolate Treats Gift Bundle that inspires a smile with bright, seasonal blooms and our sweetest chocolatey treats. No fireworks, but you’ll have fireworks in your mouth with these delicious treats.

  1. Labor Day

While Labor Day typically marks the unofficial end of summer, just say no to that mindset. With the Farm-Fresh Sunflowers FruitFlowers® Bouquet, the sun is still shining and the wind is always blowing in your hair. Embrace that summer mentality with a classic summer flower bouquet and keep that summer feeling.

  1. Dog Days of August

It’s hot. It’s humid. The kids might be frustrating. You’ve entered the dog days of August. But, fear not because you can turn the doldrums around with the Smiley Dipped Berry Box Bundle that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

From noteworthy milestones like graduations and retirements to annual celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays, flower arrangements make add a nice touch. Flowers are a classic gift because we love their look and smell. However, if you want to sweeten these special moments, then a fruit flower arrangement adds that extra touch to fresh cut bouquets.

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