50 Popular Favorite Types of Flowers to Grow or Gift

There are so many different types of flowering plants in the world. In fact, there’s over 400,000! With so many different blooms, each with their own unique style and characteristics, you’re sure to find a favorite type of flower that’s just for you!

The great thing about flowers is that they are extremely versatile. For one, flower gardening is a well-loved passion by many of those with a green thumb. By planting their favorite types of flowers, gardeners can create gorgeous pops of color around their home. In addition, flowers make great gifts. Gifting someone their favorite types of flowers is a meaningful gesture suitable for any occasion, or even just because. With FruitFlowers®, you can even build your own flower gift that’s just right for them!

50 Popular Favorite Types of Flowers

Whether growing or gifting, you’re sure to have some go-to favorite flowers that you just can’t resist amongst the rest. However, with so many varieties, there’s likely a few you haven’t yet stumbled across. Maybe there’s a bloom out there waiting to become your new favorite!

To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 50 popular favorite types of flowers. Whether you find a new favorite type of flower to gift or to grow, you’re sure to be inspired by these popular blooms.

1. Gerbera Daisy

red and pink gerbera flowers

Gerbera daisies are a popular favorite type of flower, likely due to their bright, colorful blooms. They can be found in pink, red, yellow, orange, white, and a variety of other hues. In addition, they can last up to 14 days in a vase, making them a popular bloom for flower bouquet gifts. When planting gerbera daisies, they do best in full sun and sandy soil, and are relatively easy to grow.

2. Rose

rose bush

No favorite type of flower list would be complete without the classic rose. Roses are amongst the most popular cut flowers for bouquets. They are most notability gifted in hues of red as a romantic gesture. They also come in tones of yellow and pink and have a beautiful floral scent. Although you likely associate roses with bouquets, they are also a popular choice amongst gardeners. There are many different types of rose bushes you can plant in your garden to add a classic look to your yard.

3. Sunflower

Field of sunflowers

Sunflowers are a well-loved flower for their bright and cheerful appearance. Although they’re mostly known for their golden yellow blooms, they can also come in other colors such as red and purple. Sunflowers make for a unique, summer bouquet, and also for an eye-catching addition to any garden. Sunflowers can grow between 12 and 16 feet, sometimes even higher!

4. Petunia

Pink and White Petunias

Petunias are another popular favorite type of flower, typically blooming in shades of deep purple, white, and red. Petunias are amazingly easy to grow, making them a great flower for beginner gardeners. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you’re sure to be able to add these colorful blooms to your yard! Some spreading varieties of petunia are great for filling large spaces, making them a great flower for adding volume and color to your garden.

5. Lavender

lavender bouquet

Lavender is another flower that is great for both growing and gifting. When gifting, this flower makes for a soft, refreshing bouquet with its soft purple appearance. Lavender is also an easy flower to grow, and is great for adding to your garden’s border or for growing in a pot. Another great thing about lavender is that it can be used in cooking. For example, it adds a delicious floral flavor to teas!

6. Lily

pink lilies in garden

Lilies are known for their strong scent and their elegant appearance. In a flower bouquet, lilies look stunning on their own and are also a great additive to complement any arrangement. Blooming from summer until fall, lilies also add show stopping elegance to any garden. Their trumpet shaped petals come in various different colors, including pink, orange, and classic white.

7. Hydrangea

hydrangea flowers

When the summer season rolls around, you’re sure to see hydrangeas blooming throughout town. These summer blooming flowers thrive in rich, moist soil. Their plush, full blooms add a stunning display to your yard, and also make for a luscious flower arrangement. Cut a few blooms, place them in a simple vase, and you have a fresh-cut flower bouquet to enjoy.

8. Amaryllis

Amaryllis flower bouquet

Amaryllis flowers come in hues of bright red and are often known as being a classic flower for the holiday season. Similar to tulips, they grow from bulbs, taking about 8 to 10 weeks to bloom. It’s fun to watch these bright red flowers bloom, and also make for a great gift for the holidays!

9. Orchids

pink Orchids

Orchids are a favorite type of flower to gift, particularly favored for their long lasting nature. When gifted, orchids last between 6 and 8 weeks, sometimes even several months! There are over 30,000 different types of orchids alone, making them an extremely versatile flower. These tropical flowers thrive in high humidity and with plenty of sunlight, often seen as a more difficult flower to grow. However, their stunning colorful petals and beautiful fragrance make them well worth the effort.

10. Ranunculus

pink and white colorful ranunculus flowers

Ranunculuses, also known as Persian buttercups, are loved for their brilliant ruffled petals that come in shades of red, pink, pale yellow, and orange. In the garden, they require full sun and rich, well-drained soil. They add a pop of springtime color, typically growing from early spring to the beginning of summer. They also make for great flower bouquets, forming a fresh spring-inspired gift that will make anyone smile.

11. Tulip

colorful Tulips bouquet

Tulips are popular flowers, particularly in the spring season. Their colorful blooms come in a variety of hues, including pink, yellow, red, yellow, and orange. Together, these brilliant colors can form a refreshing flower bouquet that’s just perfect for a spring gift. Luckily, they’re also an easy flower to grow, so you don’t have to have the greenest thumb to enjoy these amazing flowers in your own yard. Simply pick a sunny part of your garden, plant the bulbs in the fall, and you’ll have a colorful array of tulips by spring!

12. Zinnia

 pink Zinnia flowers

Zinnias are perfect for the beginner gardener, as they are easy to grow and also low maintenance. They provide an explosion of vibrant colors, including hues of pink, purple, yellow, and red. Zinnias also make for a brilliant flower bouquet, often mixed amongst other seasonal flowers for a show-stopping arrangement.

13. Peony

pink Peonies bouquet

Peonies are native to Europe, Asia, and Western North America, and are often seen in different hues of soft pink. When incorporated into a garden, their pink petals and lush green foliage create an immaculate display. They require full sun and protection from strong winds, as their full blooms often make them top-heavy. They are seen as a symbol of love, happiness, and beauty, making for a meaningful gift when arranged in a bouquet.

14. Daffodil

Daffodils in field

Daffodils are spring-flowering plants that are a great addition to any garden. Their yellow and white blooms are cheerful, and their strong scent is another bonus! They are a fairly tolerable flower and able to grow in a variety of different soils. When gathered together in a bunch, they create a flower bouquet that brings plenty of springtime joy!

15. Alstroemeria

yellow Alstroemeria bouquet

Alstroemerias make for a great flower bouquet to gift, particularly due to their longevity. Fresh-cut alstroemeria can last over 2 weeks in a vase! In addition, they are great flowers to add to the garden. With some well-draining soil, along with full sun or partial shade, you should have these gorgeous blooms filling your garden in no time.

16. Dahlia

Red Dahlia flower

Dahlias are uniquely gorgeous flowers that bloom from late summer through fall. Their flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors, ranging from pink and lavender to yellow and even multi-color. When planting these lush flowers in your garden, they require full sun and well-balanced soil to thrive. With 42 different species of Dahlias, you can choose one that will best compliment your yard!

17. Crocus

purple crocus flowers

After a long, cold winter, these spring blooming flowers bring some much needed brightness as we welcome the new season. Crocuses are mostly known for their purple, lavender, and blue colors, but also can be seen in shades of yellow, cream, and white. Crocuses can grow just about anywhere, making them a great flower for any garden. Just make sure they get full to partial sunlight and they should be blooming in no time! Due to their early spring sprout, they are often seen as a sign of rebirth. This makes them a great gift for a loved one entering a new phase of life, such as with a new career or welcoming a new baby.

18. Buttercup

Buttercups in field

Buttercups are noted for their uniquely shiny petals. With their bright yellow, delicate appearance, they are often seen as symbols of happiness and friendship. Who wouldn’t smile when looking at these cheerful blooms? This makes them a great gift for a friend and can be incorporated into a bouquet for a simple, yet darling look. Many buttercups are wildflowers, growing in parks and gardens. They can also be planted in the garden, preferring a light, cool soil and full to partial sun.

19. Carnations

yellow and pink carnations

Carnations have plush, layered petals that are most commonly seen in varying shades of pink. Although, they can be seen in other colors, including yellow, red, white, and coral. Each color of carnation is associated with a different meaning, making for a gift that can be personalized for different people and occasions. These flowers are also relatively easy to grow and will thrive when placed in a sunny area in your garden.

20. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susans in field

Black-Eyed Susans are wildflowers that have a raised black-brown center and bright golden petals. They are an ideal flower for a beginner gardener, as they grow quickly and require minimal maintenance. Their yellow blooms are sure to make anyone smile, and can be bundled together with other varieties to form a whimsical wildflower bouquet.

21. Aster

purple asters in garden

Asters are daisy-shaped flowers that bloom in the garden during late summer and fall. They grow in gorgeous shades of purple, ranging from lighter lavender to deep hues. Plus, they are popular amongst pollinators, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden! Additionally, their dainty appearance makes for a simple, yet charming flower bouquet.

22. Calla Lily

White Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are stunning tubular shaped flowers, coming in colors like classic white, pink, yellow, and even maroon. These elegant flowers are often given in times of grieving, but are overall a versatile flower that is great for gifting on a variety of occasions. Calla lilies love the sun, so make sure to add them to your garden where they’ll catch some strong rays. They’ll provide an elegant touch to any yard.

23. Gardenia

White Gardenia flower

Another popular favorite type of flowers, gardenias, are known for their cream petals and strong, sweet scent. Gardenias are often given to loved ones as symbols of trust, hope, and peace. In your garden, they thrive in locations where they get morning sun and afternoon shade. Although they require some maintenance, they succeed in adding a peaceful touch to any garden.

24. Azalea

Pink Azalea flowers

It wouldn’t truly feel like springtime without the vibrant blooms that emerge from azalea shrubs. Blooming in late March or early April, azaleas often create displays of pink, red, orange, white, or purple flowers. If you’re looking to add an azalea bush to your yard, choose a shady spot with acidic soil. Once they bloom with the spring season, they can be gathered in bunches and placed in vases for a springtime floral bouquet. However, be cautious placing them in reach of children and pets, as they are dangerous if ingested!

25. Chrysanthemum

Yellow Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, often referred to as ‘mums’, grow in a variety of colors including white, orange, lavender, and even hues of bronze. They make a great springtime addition to any garden, best planted in early spring in a location with good air circulation. Chrysanthemums can also create stunning seasonally inspired bouquets. Red, orange, and yellow blooms can create a festive fall bouquet, while pink, purple, and white mums create a fresh spring arrangement. They stay fresh in a vase for 7 to 14 days, creating a gift that’s sure to be enjoyed.

26. Geranium

Red and Pink Geranium

Geraniums are a favorite type of flowers amongst gardeners due to their ease of growing. In addition, they create a colorful display amongst any garden and also emit a fresh floral scent. If you’re looking to grow these blooms yourself, you can choose to do so indoors or out. As long as they have enough light, they will bloom their colorful flowers all year long. This makes them the perfect flower to gift, either in the form of a bouquet or a potted plant. They’re often seen in colors of red, white, pink, orange, and yellow, which creates a vibrant display that anyone would enjoy.

27. Marigold

Gold and Red Marigolds in garden

Marigolds, indicative by their name, bloom in warm hues of golden orange. They are easy to grow and able to thrive in a wide variety of growing conditions. These golden flowers are often seen as symbols of strength, power, and light, making them a great pick-me-up gift for a loved one experiencing hardship or loss. In addition, their lacy leaves in hues of gold, yellow, orange, and red come together to create the perfect autumnal flower bouquet.

28. Rhododendron

Pink Rhododendrons on white picket fence

Rhododendrons are bell shaped flowers that bloom in clusters. Their flowers range in color from white, yellow, and pink, to orange and purple. These flowers are fairly easy to grow and also low maintenance, making a rhododendron bush a great addition to any yard. Their blooms often symbolize positivity and goodwill, making a rhododendron bouquet a meaningful gift for a variety of occasions.

29. Lilac

Purple Lilac flowers

Lilacs are easily distinguishable flowers, blooming in hues of purple and forming long, pointed clusters. They are also known for their sweet aroma. Together, their pleasant fragrance and delicate, blooms of heart-shaped petals make them a perfect flower to both gift and grow. When incorporating lilacs into your garden, it’s best to choose a spot with fertile, well-drained soil. When given as a bouquet, they will fill your loved one’s home with both beauty and fragrance!

30. Iris

Purple and yellow Iris flowers

Irises, often used when making perfumes, are pleasantly fragrant flowers that are commonly seen in shades of blush and purple. With tall stems and delicate fan-shaped petals, they come together to form a simple, yet eye-catching bouquet. In the garden, they add a vibrant pop of purple color. Plant them in a sunny area of your garden in late summer and be sure not to overwater them! With these simple tips, you’ll have these lovely flowers sprouting by early spring.

31. Daisy

Daisies in field

Classic daisies offer a simple, timeless look either in a bouquet or in the garden. They are often seen as a symbol of motherhood, so a bouquet of daisies makes for a great gift for a new mom! In the garden, these flowers do best when planted in a spot with ample sunlight and when given plenty of water. Their cheerful appearance, with their white petals and yellow center, is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

32. Jasmine

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine is a highly fragrant flower, emitting a rich, fruity scent. This makes for a great flower bouquet to gift. They will not only look great, but they will fill your loved one’s home with a delightful floral smell. Jasmines have delicate, star shaped petals that are most commonly seen in white. Jasmine is considered a climbing plant, perfect for creating a display on a pergola or fence for a gorgeous display. They thrive in partial shade and requires support in the form of a trellis or wires.

33. Poppy

Red Poppy flowers in field

Poppies are brilliantly vibrant blooms, commonly seen in bright orange and shades of pink, red and purple. They are great for gifting for a variety of occasions, with different colored poppies forming a colorful arrangement that’s sure to spark some joy. For growing poppies in your garden, choose a sunny location and be sure to limit watering. With a variety of different species, you can choose one that best compliments your unique garden!

34. Allium

Purple Allium flowers in field

Alliums are a unique looking flowers that are actually part of the onion family. They bloom in a spherical shape and are commonly seen in shades of purple and pink. Alliums thrive when planted between mid to late fall in well-draining soil. They will add a whimsical and fun accent to you yard!

35. Portulaca

Pink Portulaca flowers in garden

Portulaca, also called moss rose, is considered a very easy flower to incorporate into any garden. Perfect for flower beds, portulaca blooms in a variety of beautiful colors, including yellow, orange, pink, lavender, and cream. These flowers make a great gift when placed in a hanging basket, perfect for adding a floral accent for your loved one’s porch or lamp post.

36. Pansy

Colorful Pansies in garden

Pansies bloom heart-shaped petals that come in a variety of rich colors including yellow, blue, white, and even sometimes black. Oftentimes, they have a blotchy appearance, forming a display that features a mix of these different colors. Pansies are great for gifting in the form of a hanging basket, perfect for adding a pop-of color to someone’s home. When adding pansies to a garden, they prefer full or partial sun and cooler temperatures.

37. Foxglove

Purple Foxglove flowers in garden

Foxgloves have a unique look, forming vertical clusters of tubular shaped flowers. Their bell-shaped blooms are often seen in shades of purple and pink. They are great for incorporating into a garden as a border plant and thrive in shady areas. A bundle of foxgloves forms an artistic flower bouquet that symbolizes creativity. They create a stunning display that is sure to impress!

38. Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Annes lace flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace displays white, lacy flowers that are delicate and intricate. Within their small clusters of dainty blooms, you can oftentimes find a solitary purple dot in the center. Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for adding a classic touch of elegance and beauty to your garden. Behaving similar to wildflower, it grows easily and is best planted after the cold seasons pass. In addition, it provides the perfect accent to many flower bouquets. It even looks great on its own, creating a simple, elegant bouquet to gift to someone in your life!

39. Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Not flowers in vase

Forget-Me-Nots are small, delicate flowers that bloom in shades of sky-blue with yellow centers. They are tolerable flowers, making them a low-maintenance flower to add to your garden. They thrive in partially shady locations with regular watering. Forget-me-nots are thought to symbolize true love and respect, making them an appropriate gift for representing a promise or commitment. They can be arranged to form a delicate, simple bouquet that anyone is sure to appreciate.

40. African Violets

Deep purple African Violet potted plant

African Violets are most commonly used as houseplants, but can also be planted outside. They will brighten up any room or garden with varying hues of purple, white, pink, and blue. When given as a gift, a potted African violet is a flowering plant that your loved one will enjoy for years to come. These long lasting plants can even last up to 50 years! They require specific conditions for surviving outdoors, typically thriving in daytime temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Although a challenge, they add a great pop of color to your garden!

41. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers in garden

Dianthuses have fringed petals that are commonly pink and white in color. They provide a great addition to your garden and are low maintenance – perfect for those with minimal gardening experience. Dianthus also attract birds, making it a great addition if you enjoy bird watching in your yard. They are also great as fresh-cut flowers, forming a colorful bouquet that will last up to three weeks!

42. Snapdragon

Pink Snapdragon flowers

Snapdragons form vertical spears of colorful blooms in shades of pink, orange, white, yellow, and other vibrant hues. In the garden, they do best with plenty of sun and in rich, well-draining soil. They can repeat bloom throughout the season, offering constant beauty to your garden. Once they bloom, you can gather these flowers into a bouquet for a gift that will symbolize strength and positive energy.

43. Morning Glory

Blue Morning Glory flower

Blooming from early summer to the first frost of fall, morning glories add pink, purple, and white pops of color to any home garden. They have a slight, floral fragrance, another plus to adding these to your garden or gifting them to a friend! In addition, they’re low maintenance, just requiring watering during periods of dry weather. They are often seen as a symbol of strength, making them a great gift for sending feelings of power and resilience to someone in your life!

44. Bluebell

Blue Bluebell flowers

Bluebells, suggestive of their name, are bell-shaped flowers that bloom in hues of blue and lilac. They symbolize gratitude, making them a meaningful gift for showing thanks and appreciation to someone in your life. In the garden, they do best when their bulbs are planted in a shady area. From late March to early May, you’ll have these delicate, draping flowers adding a pop of purple to your yard.

45. Delphinium

Blue Delphinium in garden

Delphiniums bloom in bright blue, vertical bundles. In the garden, they add spears of brilliant blooms that add a stunning touch to any yard. They prefer 6 to 8 hours of sun per day and well-draining soil. Whether alone or mixed amongst other flowers, delphiniums create a gorgeous bouquet, perfect for gifting to a friend. They bring feelings of happiness and goodwill, making for a bouquet that’s great for a variety of celebratory occasions.

46. Freesia

Purple Freesia flowers

Freesias are a common favorite type of flower for both its delicate floral scent and remarkable appearance. This tropical flower is often seen in shades of purple, pink, red, white, and yellow. Their exotic, tropical appearance makes for a unique addition to any garden. They thrive in sunny locations with soil that contains plenty of organic material. Fresh-cut freesia makes for a vibrant bouquet that symbolizes friendship.

47. Magnolia

Magnolia tree flowers

Magnolias are timeless flowers that most commonly bloom in shades of pink and white. When growing a magnolia tree in your yard, it’s best to choose a spot with moist, slightly acidic soil. These classy looking flowers are often used in wedding bouquets, and can also be gifted as a symbol of nobility.

48. Anemone

Bright pink Anemone flower

Anemones bloom from early spring through fall, often seen in red, yellow, white, pink, and blue. If you’re looking to grow this lovely flower, you can choose to do so in either a pot or flowerbed. In the garden, anemones will require full to partial sun and well-draining soil. When potted or gathered into a bouquet, anemones make for a great gift that your loved one is sure to love.

49. Hyacinth

Pink and purple Hyacinth

Hyacinths grow in conical clusters of purple and lilac blooms. They can also be found in shades of blue, which are often seen as symbols of sincerity. A cluster of these blooms makes for a meaningful gift for a family member or friend. Additionally, potted hyacinths can be gifted for a floral display that will last 8 to 12 weeks! In your garden, they do best in full sun or partial shade.

50. Begonia

Pink Begonia flower

Begonias are a versatile flower that can be used in floral arrangements, gardens, hanging baskets, or as a houseplant. There are various different types of begonias to choose from, allowing you to choose one that’s best for you or your loved one. They come in a variety of brilliant colors, ranging from bright orange and red to yellow, white, and pink. When planting these flowers in a garden, make sure to choose a spot that gets filtered light, such as underneath trees or a bush.

From roses and daisies to forget-me-nots and freesias, there are so many different favorite types of flowers. With varying shapes, colors, meanings, and styles, there are so many unique reasons to love each and every one. Did this list of favorite types of flowers inspire you to gift someone a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms? Take a look at our FruitFlower® flower bouquets, where you’re sure to find a bouquet that’s just right for them! They’re even paired with chocolate covered fruits and other delicious treats for an extra special gift.

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