The Pure & Versatile Lily Plant

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the entire world. In fact, lilies typically rank in the top 10 of the most popular or common flower lists. The reason is quite simple, the lily plant is very versatile, colorful and meaningful.

The Many Meanings of Lilies

Unlike many popular flowers, like the rose, lilies offer an array of meanings. While the rose generally symbolizes love and romance, the meaning behind a lily plant varies based on color and geography.

For example, lilies are well known and accepted as wedding and funeral flowers. Generally, lilies, and in particular white lilies, symbolize purity. As a result, in many cultures white lilies are used at weddings. Conversely, lilies are also common flowers at funerals because of the same meaning. In many cultures, the white lily symbolizes purity and innocence, which is restored to the soul of the recently passed. Additionally, oriental lilies symbolize eternal life, which naturally makes them an impactful option for funeral and sympathy flowers.

In addition to purity, the lily plant also represents good luck. In particular, the peace lily makes a great new home gift because it is considered a lucky indoor plant that brings harmony and good fortune to a home.

The lily plant also makes a great gift for moms. In Greek mythology, the lily plant is associated with rebirth and motherhood. So, in addition to symbolizing the value of motherhood, lilies make a great gift for someone in transition (like a college grad) that is beginning a new chapter in life.

Finally, due to the hundreds of varieties, many of these unique lily plants offer a different meaning.

  • White lilies symbolize purity, innocence, simplicity and happiness.
  • Daylilies symbolize romance.
  • Tiger lilies symbolize royalty and wealth.
  • Pink lilies or Stargazer lilies symbolize ambition and encouragement.
  • Red lilies signify passion.
  • Yellow or golden lilies symbolize good health and healing.

10 Interesting Facts About the Lily Plant

Interesting Facts About Lily Plants

In addition to the interesting meanings behind the lily plant, there are a lot of other unique things to know about the flower. As lilies are frequently part of common flower bouquets (learn why below), find a few tidbits to share with your friends and family.

  1. Lilies Help with Home Harmony

One of the meanings of lilies is good luck, and in particular, good fortune in a home. However, lilies are also known to help produce positive energy as part of Feng Shui decorations. So, when in doubt of what to get, a lily flower bouquet helps provide peace and harmony in your loved one’s home.

2. Lily Plants are Medicinal

While some may think the lily plant is poisonous, it is not. And, in fact, lilies are widely used in Asian medicine to treat depression. Additionally, the lily plant produces oil that contains healing and skin softening properties.

3. Lily Plants are Edible

Not only are lilies used for medicine or skin care solutions, but in some cultures, the lily plant is grown specifically for their bulbs. Generally, the lily bulb contains a lot of starch, so they are used as root vegetables. In particular, Lilium brownii, Lilium pumilum and Lilium dauricum are mainly grown as a food source. While some cultures eat lily bulbs, it is important to note that lilies are dangerous and poisonous for cats, so cat owners may not want lilies around their home.

4. Lilies Easy Reproduce

Interestingly, lilies can reproduce from seeds, bulbs and even tissue cultures. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons the lily plant is so popular is because they are so prevalent. In addition to the multitude of varieties, there are multiple ways to grow lily plants.

5. Not All Lilies are Lilies

While there are hundreds of types of lilies, some well known flowers are not actually lilies. For example, the calla lily is from the Calla family of flowers. Additionally, the water lily is from the Nymphaeaceae family of flowers.

6. Lilies are Social

Lilies are social animals. Like humans and ants, lilies cannot grow and thrive in an individual environment. These extroverts need social interaction to grow. As a result, group them in four or five flowers and they grow very quickly.

7. Lilies are Wild Flowers

As a perennial, lily plants can live for multiple years (about two on average). However, they can survive in nature without human intervention. Lilies start to bloom in the spring and continue into the summer, but become dormant in the winter. Due to their multiple ways to reproduce (via bulb or seed), they can grow anywhere.

8. Lilies are Attractive

Many people love lilies because of their large, bold and colorful flowers. However, insects find them attractive with their delicious nectar. Related, while many people find the smell of flowers attractive, only two types of lilies produce a fragrance. Yes, white lilies and tiger lilies produce a beautiful smell, but the other hundreds of species are odorless.

9. Lilies are Long Lasting

Lilies are one of the longest lasting cut flowers, which means they make a great flower arrangement. Additionally, by removing the pollen within the flower, lilies will last even longer as part of an arrangement.

10. Lilies are Versatile

Without a doubt, the lily plant is incredibly versatile. For example, not only are lilies able to grow in the wild, but they also make great garden plants and even grow in containers. They grow everywhere and offer meaning to almost any event or occasion. It is no wonder that lilies are one of the ten most popular flowers in the world.

For birthdays, graduations or just thinking of someone special, lilies are a great option. If you are looking for something special, then FruitFlowers® is here to provide fresh flowers (with a sweet treat) delivered to your loved one.

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