50 Sympathy Flowers & Gifts to Express Your Support

Grief is an unfortunate part of life. We all endure it at some point and understand the pain that loss causes. From funeral flowers that aim to acknowledge loss when words simply do not apply to condolence messages that try to ease the pain, sympathy flowers are another symbol of care and support.

Dr. Alan Wolfet notes that symbols such as “flowers convey love, facilitate expression, provide meaning, and communicate emotions that words fail to capture.” If you know someone who has lost a dear friend or loved one, let them know they’re in your thoughts with a beautiful bouquet of sympathy flowers. FruitFlowers® offers a variety of considerate flower bouquets and arrangements from local florists near you to help you express your heartfelt sympathy. Combined with fresh or chocolate covered fruit, FruitFlowers® arrangements show your care and support when your friends and family are in need.

Sympathy Flowers & Ways to Show You Support

From white lilies to red chrysanthemums, there are a variety of flowers and colors that traditionally represent sympathy, sadness or peace. While nothing can truly demonstrate articulate loss, flowers or another gift, shows your thoughts and mind are with the person or family in need of comfort. Sympathy flower arrangements and related gifts are a great way to express the thoughts that are so difficult to put into words. There’s no better way to show your love and support than with a touching sympathy flower arrangement featuring delicate blooms in shades of blue, lavender, pink, white, and more. Or, a sympathy gift that includes something that acknowledges the loss or an activity that honors their spirit. To help find the right sympathy flower or gift when the time is needed, the following flowers and gifts aim to provide a wide range of options.

  1. Sympathy Flowers & Fruit Bouquet

With fresh white flowers that symbolize purity and innocence matched with pineapple doves on an olive branch, this sympathy flower arrangement offers a sweet and sincere message of love, peace, and condolences.

  1. Forget-Me-Not/Baby’s Breath

A soft and subtle flower, forget-me-nots offer a symbol of remembrance that shares an eternal message that your loved one continues to live in our memories. These sympathy flowers remind us to share their stories, jokes and memories to keep their spirit alive with us.

  1. Condolences Bouquet Gift Set

Nothing can precisely capture the emotion during times of grief and loss. Although we try to offer our love and support, the best we can provide is a symbol of our care and condolence like this flower arrangement that sends a sweet thought of sympathy to someone you care about.

  1. Lily

Lilies are a classic summer flower, but make ideal sympathy flowers because they symbolize rebirth and renewal. In times of grief, the weight of life can be overwhelming, but offering subtle encouragement about life renewing is a strong symbol.

  1. Sincerest Sympathy Chocolate & Fruit Platter

Offering a message of love, peace and well-wishes, the Sincerest Sympathy Chocolate & Fruit Platter is a combo sympathy flower and gift that provides a reassurement to those in grief that you are there for support.

6. Chrysanthemum

A well-known flower that generally represents support and encouragement like “get well soon”, chrysanthemums are also prevalent in European societies during times of grief. Many European countries view mums as a symbol of death and place them on gravestones. In modern times, these flowers symbolize a balance of death and mourning.

7. Thinking of Your Flowers

Sympathy flowers like the Thinking of You Flowers shows your support by letting your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. A lovely bouquet of fresh cut flowers mixed with an assortment of juicy chocolate covered strawberries offers a sweet gesture to lift someone’s spirits.

8. Rose

While the rose is a well known flower of love and passion, they also represent other emotions, such as innocence, gratitude and friendship. From white and yellow roses that symbolize innocence and friendship to peach and pink roses that mean gratitude and sincerity, any non-red rose offers a healing message for those in grief.

9. If Love Could Have Saved You Personalized Memorial Sign

As opposed to some sympathy flowers, gifts look to honor those that have passed. With this personalized memorial sign, your sympathy gifts acknowledges a life well lived. Plus, it is made with handcrafted wood, it’s laser-etched with your loved one’s name and a beautiful floral heart.

10. Carnation

As a general symbol of love, carnations honor the life of a loved one. In particular, carnations offer a connection to a religious life. Additionally, as a common Mother’s Day flower, carnations are frequently part of a flower arrangement to honor the life of a lost mother.

11. Sympathy Bird Feeder

Red cardinals are an important sympathy symbol because they represent a loved one returning to visit. With this sympathy bird feeder, hopefully it will attract real-life birds to your loved one’s garden.

12. Hyacinth

Hyacinths, and in particular, purple hyacinths represent sorrow and regret. While nothing can be said to articulate the grief during mourning, these sympathy flowers acknowledge the pain and suffering. As opposed to messages of “time will heal all,” purple hyacinths symbolize the hard feeling of the moment.

13. Sympathy Food Basket

During times of grief, eating is often the last thing on someone’s mind. So, a practical sympathy gift is a food basket. With this basket, it includes a wide ranging selection of gourmet snacks packaged in a beautifully crafted wooden crate.

14. Gladiolus

While many sympathy flowers represent love, peace and grief, the gladiolus symbolizes strength and character. While no flower will dull the pain of loss, the gladiolus reminds family and friends of their positive spirit and offers a form of encouragement to preserve and continue to live with their own strength of character.

15. Forever in Our Hearts Sympathy Gift Basket

Another variation of a food basket, this sympathy gift includes a constant reminder that their loved one will always be remembered with love. It is an ideal gift for a food lover as the “Forever in Our Hearts” tote bag works great for groceries.

16. Orchids

Coming in a range of colors that express your sympathy, the orchid is a wonderful choice to show your love and support to your friends and family in need. From white orchids representing peace and innocence to pink and purple symbolizing gratitude, orchids convey a variety of emotions connected with loss.

17. In Memory Garden Stone

If your loved one is a garden lover (or lost a garden lover), then this garden stone offers a decorative remembrance in a place that is close to their heart.

18. Hydrangeas

Typically a potted plant, hydrangeas offer a sympathy flower and gift that is associated with lasting memories. While not generally part of bouquets or funeral flowers, hydrangeas come in a variety of colors that symbolize peace, innocence and gratitude that represent the spirit of the recently passed.

19. When The Wind Blows Memory Chime

“When the wind blows, know that I am near” is printed on this chime sail. Additionally, the timeless design can be personalized with your loved one’s name and passing dates on the other side to make it even more meaningful.

20. Daffodils

As a typical spring flower, the daffodil represents rebirth and new beginnings, which differs from some of the other symbols of sympathy flowers and gifts. While a loved one lost someone important, their life continues and the daffodil helps provide a spirited boost of encouragement.

21. Sending a Hug Gift Basket

In times of need and stress, sometimes, we just need a hug. This spa gift basket offers a symbolic hug to your loved one. With an array of pampering products, it is intended to make your loved one feel just a bit better in their time of grief.

22. Tulips

Another sympathy flower that offers a message of renewal is the tulip. In particular, bright colors such as yellow, pink and purple symbolize the spirit of the recently passed and subtly reminds your loved one to honor their loss with a life well lived.

23. Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Engraved with the personal information about the recently deceased, this memorial wind chime provides a sympathy gift that hits home. With its customization and high quality construction, the diamond-shaped wind sail will offer a durable memory that honors your loss when the wind blows.

24. Hibiscus

Certain flowers symbolize the loss of a particular person and the hibiscus represents that loss of a mother or wife. With delicate blooms, these flowers symbolize femininity and beauty, which is why they are frequently included in sympathy flower bouquets when your loved one endures the loss of their mother or wife (or another important woman in their life).

25. For Loved Ones In Heaven Throw

Featuring a heavenly note and personalization, this beautiful blanket offers a heartfelt memorial that honors your loved one’s loss.

26. Lilac

With their pretty delicate purple flowers, lilacs generally symbolize innocence, youth and purity. Certainly no flower or gesture of sympathy dulls the loss of a child, lilacs represent this unimaginable loss.

27. Broadway Basketeers with Sympathy Gift Basket Deluxe

For a family enduring grief, a large food basket offers condolences and an array of snacks to help everyone to acknowledge their loss. This kosher certified deluxe gift basket includes truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, wafer rolls, mixed nuts, cheese-filled pretzels, peanut brittle, trail mix, caramel popcorn, toffees, and so much more.

28. Peace Lily

Like the well known flower, the peace lily represents innocence and rebirth. As a potted plant, this is a nice sympathy gift for those that may endure a lasting grief because it will last a significant amount of time inside a home.

29. Custom Actual Handwriting Jewelry

When someone close to your loved one passes, no physical gift will be needed to remind them of their loss every day. But, when someone that important passes, a strong, subtle gift offers a daily way to honor their contribution and impact. This custom bracelet features the actual handwriting of the recently passed and is made of high quality materials, so it will stand the test of time.

30. Sympathy Spa Gift Basket

To help your loved one relieve a little stress, then a spa sympathy gift basket may help with the grieving process. This gift basket includes shower gel, Himalayan bath salts, body lotion, body oil, aromatherapy soap, and a soothing gel eye mask that will help deal with the stressful nature of grief.

31. Daisies

Typically known as a spring flower, daisies are a popular component of funeral flower bouquets. With their white petals and yellow centers, they offer some contrast as part of a larger mixed flower bouquet.

32. Condolence Gift Basket

A decorative woven basket holds a delightful selection of healthy, sweet and savory snacks, this food basket is a time tested way to show your condolences and sympathies to those enduring loss.

33. Statice

(Courtesy of Paul Venter)

A common flower in arrangements and bouquets, the statice (also known as sea lavender) represents remembrance. With rich, vibrant purple leaves, the wildflower helps provide reminders of the good memories with the recently passed.

34. Memorial Ornament

Engraved with a memorable verse that notes how our lost loved ones remain near and dear to us, this tear shaped ornament honors the spirit behind the person no longer with you.

35. Violets

Loss is always difficult, but even more so when it is unexpected or at a young age. Violets represent delicacy and modesty within the literary world, so they have been used as sympathy flowers for such unimaginable loss.

36. The Nutty Fruity Floral Collection

A practical sympathy gift finds a way to acknowledge your loved one’s loss, but also attempts to relieve some stress. With this floral tea collection, your loved one can try a variety of teas to help them take a deep breath and allow their mind to escape for a brief moment.

37. Philodendrons

For a different take on a sympathy flower bouquet, the philodendron offers a lasting gift. This easy to grow and maintain plant thrives on indirect or artificial light with moderate watering. From a symbolic perspective, these plants are known to bring brightness in dark areas and warmth to coldness, which are important during times of grief.

38. Custom Engraved Milk Chocolate Card

Personalization is key to any type of sympathy gift, so this engraved chocolate card allows you to share a custom message of care on a milk chocolate bar. This bar comes with a greeting card as well, so this not only provides a sweet treat in hard times, but a lasting note to honor their loss.

39. Azalea

A well known spring flower, azaleas also make a meaningful funeral or sympathy flower because they symbolize taking care of a family and longing for home. While the loss of a parent is incredibly painful, azaleas can help acknowledge this specific type of grief by symbolizing the impact of family.

40. Mediterranean Pastries Vegan Box

For vegan mourners, consider a sympathy gift that acknowledges their grief, but also their diet. With an assortment of Mediterranean pastries, this box of desserts are a unique gift for the loss of a vegan or if your loved one follows a vegan diet.

41. Dogwood

When enduring the loss of an important person in their life, your loved one may appreciate a lasting sympathy gift. Dogwoods are an option for homeowners that have space because they symbolize rebirth (like other common sympathy flowers) and accepting the emotions involved with grief.

42. Persian-Inspired Classic Coconut Macaroons

Another unique sympathy gift are coconut macaroons, which offer a crispy exterior and soft center. If your loved one recently lost someone that enjoyed coconuts, then this is an interesting gift that honors something they enjoyed.

43. Snapdragons

Typically part of a larger funeral flower arrangement, snapdragons represent strength. As a tall flower with some vibrant colors, snapdragons offer a way to represent someone that exhibited a strong sense of self and was comfortable in their own skin.

44. Candied Nut Trio Box

If your loved one recently lost someone that loved nuts or dessert, then this unique gift offers a different way to acknowledge their meaning to your friend or family member in enduring loss.

45. Iris

With bold blue and purple petals, the iris is a common flower for the loss of a soldier because they represent respect, hope and faith. If your loved one lost someone that they respected or provided them hope, then an arrangement that features irises may offer a sentimental sympathy flower bouquet.

46. Dark Peanut Butter Cups

During times of grief, sometimes we simply need some source of comfort. An assortment of peanut butter cups offers a trusted and tasty dessert that can also be shared with others when your loved one might be mourning with others.

47. Asters

Asters generally represent love and wisdom, which makes these daisy-like looking flowers a nice choice if your loved one suffered the loss of a grandparent or role model. With their purple flowers, which also indicate gratitude, asters contain a lot of meaning that acknowledges the impact of the deceased on your loved one’s life.

48. The Original Red Rose Bear

The rose is known for love and makes a nice sympathy flower because it also represents other emotions related to grief and loss. Related to the rose, is the rose bear, which symbolizes the same meanings as the flower, but in a lasting box that allows your loved one to continue to honor the memory of the recently passed.

49. Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Generally, the color blue represents calm and trust, while blue flowers symbolize a longing (particular in literature). For a unique sympathy gift, chocolate covered blueberries can signify the emotions of loss that are filled with longing, but also the need to find calmness in grief.

50. Oak Tree

While not a sympathy flower, oak trees provide a noteworthy gift that acknowledges the impact and character of someone that has just passed. A stately oak symbolizes strength, and wisdom, which makes them a meaningful gift to your loved one to plant in their yard after a funeral or memorial service. As the oak grows, you’ll be honoring the memory of their loved one.

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