Wonderful Summer Flowers for Every Type of Garden Lover

The summer sun lets us do many great things. From friendly gatherings to family vacations or pool filled days to backyard gardens, the warm weather lets us spend a lot of time outside making memories. For those garden lovers (or hope to be garden lovers), every summer might be the season to start your garden. But, as wonderful as basking in the sun is, it can cause quite a headache for summer flowers. Fortunately, as the horticultural field gains expertise, there are some ideal summer flowers that bloom throughout the heat and humid conditions. Additionally, as various annuals or perennials require more or less sunlight, different flowers flourish in open gardens or shaded areas. To help gardeners understand a lot of common summer flowers, there are a number of options based on specific conditions.

As you look to fill your summer with plenty of great memories, then nothing helps jumpstart a get-together like flowers and chocolates. So, as you gather with friends and family, consider a fruit flowers bouquet, which provides a few sweet treats and fresh flowers for your host or guests to enjoy.

Best Flowers that Bloom All Summer

Summer Flowers that Bloom All Season

Different flowers bloom at various times of the year. Typically, spring and summer offer the most common blooming seasons because of the warmer weather. As the saying goes, “April showers, bring May flowers” and a lot of summer flowers start blooming at this time and last until the first frost. For those looking to start or update a garden with lots of summer flowers that will fill plenty of vases and provide plenty of flower arrangements as gifts, these are some great options.

  • Lily

One of the most well known and common flowers, the Lily is also a wonderful summer flower. With a plethora of colors, but most notably, white and strong fragrance, the Lily features large, prominent flowers that bloom in late spring and into the summer.

  • Hibiscus

As a tropical flower, the Hibiscus generally thrives in the summer heat and humidity, which makes them a great option for new gardeners. Initially bred from wildflowers, these popular red, pink or white summer flowers are now a garden staple as they bloom from late spring until frost. With plenty of water during their bloom, the petals can grow to about a foot in diameter and between 2 and 8 feet tall.

  • Purple Petunia

Named an All-America Selection winner in 1995, the Purple Petunia is a hybrid plant that offers gardeners with a range of options. From pots and containers to vines and ground cover, this summer flower makes any landscape beautiful.

  • Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranths tend to grow year-round, which means they offer great flowers for the home garden and fresh bouquets. Plus, with easy to dry blooms, these add some summer colors to winter flower arrangements.

  • Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflowers are pink to purple flowers that look like daisies and grow during mid-summer and into autumn. As an easy-to-maintain plant, these make a terrific option for new gardeners. Plus, the perennial flower can be divided after a few years to breed new plants for your garden or incorporate with summer flower arrangements.

  • Stella de Oro Daylily

Similar to the Lily, daylilies produce showy flowers that bloom once a day (hence the daylily name). But, since every stem in the plant produces numerous buds that open every day, the plant tends to bloom for roughly five months. The Stella de Oro varietal is a low-growing plant with now stems yielding a golden-yellow bloom.

  • Brown Eyed Susan

Known for their brown polka-dot cent, the Brown Eyed Susan features bold yellow and orange flowers along a perennial border. For new gardeners, these look like sunflowers or daisies, but make an ideal summer flower because they grow yearly as their roots develop and require pretty limited maintenance.

  • Delphinium

Known for blue and purple blooms, the Delphinium features pretty cone-shaped flowers throughout the summer. With a late spring thru late summer bloom, these gorgeous flowers last all summer. However, the flowers are toxic to humans, so be careful about planting in a home garden.

  • Geranium

Geraniums make an ideal summer flower because they grow well in warm weather and almost any type of soil. With distinct five-petal flowers in white, pink, purple or blue, they make a tremendous flower that also adds an amazing fragrance to any bouquet or garden.

  • Angelonia

Angelonias are another terrific summer flower because they thrive on exposure to the sun. For those home gardens that bask in the sun all day, these flowers provide an option to grow a pretty flower that will impress any guest.

  • Scarlet Sage

Another flower that blooms throughout the summer, Scarlet Sages provide a little color variety because they typically yield a red or orange flower. As a result, these make a great addition to any flower arrangement as the summer eventually turns to fall.

  • Snapdragon

The interesting thing about Snapdragons are the unexpected blooms. With blooms in pink, purple, red, white any any combination, the flowers are another garden staple that grows nicely in a range of climates. From tropical to temperate climates, these work well as border plants, container plants and even in bouquets.

  • Ranunculus

Although the Ranunculus resembles roses or peonies, this beautiful flower is typically planted in the spring to yield a full summer bloom. Interestingly, these bloom as a perennial in warmer climates, but treated as annuals in colder climates. With double pink or double purple petal colors, these are great for the garden or flower arrangement.

  • Succulent

The classic Succulent is a perfect summer plant because they are heat and drought tolerant. This means they also make a good option for new gardeners to get started. With an array of shapes and sizes, these are great summer plants because they require a lot of sun.

  • Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums (or Mums) are a common flower that grows all summer when planted in the spring. With spring plantings, then Mums have the opportunity to set their roots and bloom again in subsequent years. With a variety of colors and consistent blooming patterns, these are great garden plants.

Easy Summer Flowers to Plant

Easy Summer Flowers to Plant

While many beautiful flowers bloom all summer, some are more difficult to maintain than others. As a result, when looking to start or improve a home garden, consider the location of the garden relative to the sun. Plus, consider your schedule because summer flowers that require lots of water might not align with your work or vacation plans. But, if you find the right flower for your ability, interest and schedule, you can enjoy these beautiful plants throughout the summer.

  • Sunflowers

Perhaps the most common summer flower is the Sunflower. As the name implies, these flowers are easy to plant and need lots of sun. For many of us, we remember growing them as a kid and standing in awe as they got bigger and bigger and bigger.

  • Marigolds

Marigolds are a garden staple because they help keep pests away with their distinct smell. Depending on the variety, these generally yellow or orange flowers yield perky petals that might look like Daisies. In addition to a great garden flower, these are wonderful for summer flower arrangements.

  • Peony

The beloved Peony is a dramatic-looking flower that can stand alone in a vase. To grow Peonies, then plant them in the sun and avoid overwatering, which makes them great for gardeners with a busy schedule. Plus, as an amazing cut flower, they make a great summer gift when you gather with friends and family.

  • Daisies

Daisies are one of the most common and popular flowers around because they produce a lot of blooms in various colors and require limited maintenance. With plenty of varieties, gardeners can be overwhelmed with the options, but the classic Gerbera Daisy offers a great way to get started with your summer plantings.

  • Coreopsis

Similar to Daisies, the Coreopsis is a low maintenance flower perfect for summer. Although they bloom in a variety of colors, they are mostly known for their yellow, showy flower heads, which means they add a nice brightness to any garden or bouquet.

  • Dahlia

Dahlias are easy to grow summer flowers that desire sunlight. Plus, these tend to bloom towards the end of the summer, so gardeners looking to stagger the flowering at home can plant them to extend the blooming season. With a little attention to ensure no significant weeds remain near the plant, these can offer large blooms and amazing color to your yard or garden.

  • Astilbe

Astilbe flowers thrive in most climates and require limited maintenance, so these are great options for summer gardens. With wild and beautiful blooms, these can make a dramatic impact in flower beds in the front yard or garden.

  • Coleus

The Coleus plant produces a range of flowers. From herbs or shrubs to ornamentals with bright foliage, the summer flower makes a great garden plant with an interesting and unique look. If you are looking to add something different to your garden, then these provide a good option.

  • Lavender

A classic summer flower with a distinctive perfume fragrance is Lavender. With a beautiful light purple appearance, these gorgeous flowers are very durable and easy to grow in a garden or flower bed. Plus, with their well known scent, they make a great addition to flower arrangements for those that love the smell.

  • Zinnias

Zinnias make a great summer flower because they are beautiful flowers that grow quickly. This means gardeners plant them along a driveway or walkway in their yard and use them to create a lot of summer flower bouquets. Additionally, they thrive in hot weather, so with regular water, any novice gardener will look like a pro growing them this summer.

Perfect Summer Flowers for Shade

summer flowers for the shade

We all love the summer sun, but unfortunately, too much sun can be a bad thing for us (and lots of summer flowers). As a result, if your planting area is covered in shade, look for various summer flowers that grow without constant sun or do well in any condition. From annuals that bloom once or perennials that keep returning, these summer flowers are perfect for shady conditions.

  • Mandevilla

Mandevillas are generally found in warmer climates, which make them great for the summer sun. Known for their trumpet-shaped, pink flowers, these climbing flowers make wonderful landscape plants as they can be trained to grow against a wall as long as there is sufficient shade throughout the day.

  • Iris

Named for the Greek word for rainbow, the Iris is a very popular flower that blooms towards the end of summer. The versatile plant does well in the sun, along with shade and cooler locations, so these flowers are great for any gardener in any region.

  • Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts emerge from its winter dormancy in early spring with an attractive blue-green foliage and attention-grabbing heart-shaped flowers on arching stems. Grown enjoy organic soil in a shady area and these flowers will provide an impressive bloom!

  • Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-Me-Nots are a perennial flower that easily spreads as a wildflower in shady spots, and in particular, near streams or bodies of water that offer humidity and moisture. These charming summer flowers bloom from May through October and offer a five petal blue petal with yellow cores exploding from the center of the stem.

  • Foxgloves

Foxgloves may reach six feet in height and typically grow in open field gardens that thrive on sun and shade. These summer flowers cluster in tube-shaped blooms of various colors and require more shade in areas with hotter summers.

  • Primrose

Primrose flowers start blooming in early spring and depending on your climate, remain in bloom until fall. These perennial flowers feature an array of colors and size, which makes them great additions to any garden or border.

  • Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes feature soft blue and white flowers. Known for attracting butterflies, bees and other insects eating their nectar, these flowers help pollinate other flowers and vegetables in the garden. These annuals originated in California, but successfully grow across the US and typically bloom in late winter through early summer.

  • Wishbones

Wishbones are a great summer flower for beginning gardeners because they withstand the hot sun and heat. Plus, these long-lasting bushy annuals offer a delicate bloom that hug the ground with beautiful bi-color shades of pink, purple and white.

  • Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars are native throughout North American valleys and mountains. Known as a wild flower in areas with lots of moisture, the flower starts blooming in mid-spring and peaks in May and June, which kicks off the summer flower season. Not particularly seen in home gardens, Shooting Stars are often seen growing in woodlands and forests, which makes them a frequent occurrence on those summer hikes.

  • Planting Coral Bells

Planting Coral Bells will make any home garden absolutely stunning. These perennials offer an intense variety of colors that typically bloom in late spring and early summer. Plus, because these flowers naturally grow in wooded areas, they make a great addition to any home garden with shade or filtered sun.

  • Dropwort

Initially grown for medicinal purposes, the Dropwart is commonly found in gardens and prairies around the world. Additionally, as part of the rose family, these perennials grow in spreading clumps and prefer cooler climates, which makes them a great match for shady flower gardens.

  • Spotted Deadnettle

Spotted Deadnettle is known as a ground cover that grows very well in shady locations. With speckled spots on lavender, pink, purple and white flowers, these plants bloom in late spring and offer an early summer flower as they may die during higher temperatures. For beginning gardeners, these may not be the best starter flower because if not maintained correctly, they can become invasive and overtake the garden.

Great Summer Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Flowers for hanging pots and containers

Although the summer sun makes the afternoons pretty hot and humid, mornings on the deck drinking coffee or evenings on the patio conversing with loved ones are a great way to spend your time. To make the setting even better, many people hang flower baskets along their patios and decks. So, if you are looking for some sweet scented summer flowers to walk by on your way to work or a nice aroma for dinner outside, then here are some great flowers for hanging baskets.

  • Petunia

A classic hanging plant flower, the Petunia blooms continuously throughout the hot summer months. With their peak fragrance in the evening, these make an ideal summer flower for a hanging basket on a deck or patio. For newer gardeners, try a milliflora variety, which makes managing the petals a bit easier in hot and humid weather.

  • Gardenia

Gardenias are wonderful summer plants because they grow very well with hot temperatures. Plus, they offer a pleasant and unique smell, which makes them great as a hanging plant outside where people may gather. Also, as a hanging plant, gardeners can bring them inside once it frosts to keep them around all year round.

  • Hydrangea

Hydrangeas come in various shades of white, purple, blue and periwinkle in bright and clustering blooms. The classic flower does well in pots due to the tight clusters, so these make a wonderful hanging plant to admire while outside this summer.

  • Begonia

Begonias provide a delightful fragrance, which is particularly strong in the morning light, which makes them an ideal plant for the front porch or walkway to stop and smell on the way to work. With tubular flowers that can handle heat and humidity, these are terrific summer flowers that roughly resemble roses, which is a good fit for any gardener.

  • Fuchsia

A great flower for shade or hanging outside, the Fuchsia offers gardeners with a variety of perennials. For those in cool, wet climates, then the traditional Fuchsia is a great option. For those in hot, humid climates, then a heat-tolerant variety is a better option. And, with daily misting and deadheading, any gardener can prolong these beautiful hanging basket flowers.

  • Million Bells

Related to the Petunia, makes a great summer flower because Million Bells thrive in hot temperatures. Plus, with a full day of sunlight, these flowers will look great in any hanging basket.

  • Pelargonium

A version of the common Geranium, the Pelargonium is an annual flower that features bold textures, bright colors and terrific for hanging baskets in sun or partial shade. With a little deadheading, these flowers will remain blooming until the first frost.

  • Portulaca

Portulacas, otherwise known as moss ross, requires lots of sun to thrive. So, if you are looking for a hanging pot that sits in the sun all day, then this is a great heat-loving plant that offers multiple blooms in orange, white, rose, yellow or red.

  • Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum flowers feature a strong honey scent, which not only attracts bees and butterflies, but also provides a fragrance cloud. With white, pink and purple petals, this flower grows quickly as the summer progresses, which means gardeners need to provide a midsummer trim.

  • Lantana

Lantanas are hardy plants that survive in most conditions, which means it offers any level of gardener with a straightforward option for their hanging basket this summer. With bright clusters of petals that require low maintenance and limited water, this is an ideal summer flower.

  • Pansy

Another easy to grow summer flower is the Pansy. With moderate sunlight and regular water, this flower blooms from spring through summer even in cooler climates, which means your hanging plant will shine all summer long.

  • Verbena

For those in extremely hot climates or decks that bake out in the sun all day, the Verbena makes an ideal option. With tiny, bright blooms that desire significant sunshine and occasional water, this summer flower provides any gardener with a great treat as it blooms from spring until the first frost.

Summer is filled with friends, family and fun. When we add flowers to the mix, our time outside adds a little something extra that enhances our memories.

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