50 Wonderful Winter Flowers

When asked to consider flowers that they associate with spring, summer, or fall, most people have at least one or two types that come to mind or maybe a few that they know are typically available during any season. However, ask even the frequent farmer’s market attendee or home gardener about winter flowers and they too may struggle to think of more than a few flowers that are accessible to them to enjoy either outside or inside during the winter months. As such, winter can be the perfect time to let the professionals at your local florist or garden center direct you to the most seasonally appropriate plants or to contact your favorite flower delivery service for help choosing the perfect flower gift set or bouquet for that “just because” moment or special occasion.

Curious about the seasonality of particular flowers or as specific to your region? Interested in expanding the vibrance of your landscape by taking advantage of this additional growing season in your space? Enjoy personalizing your own flower arrangement ideas or customizing flower bouquets for your loved ones or upcoming events? Even in the coldest months, there are many choices for plants that thrive in such an environment, bloom inside despite external temperatures, or are accessible for delivery or individual design efforts, despite not growing locally during a particular month.

15 Winter Flowers in the Garden

Considering winter expansion to your garden beds or landscape requires a bit of research, specifically into what winter flowers will grow in your region of the country. If you are already familiar with your planting zone, you might start with the options below and see if they are a good fit for your environment. Newer to gardening? Use this plant hardiness map to get started or, as an even easier option, use the professional support at your local nursery or garden center to help guide your search. Typically, the plants that are available are plants that will thrive during that specific season or environment, since these businesses are already knowledgeable about your growing zone’s particulars.


violas winter flowers

These flowers may look delicate, but they are hearty enough to bloom in many locations throughout the winter. They are also incredibly prolific, so you may find an unexpected pop of color somewhere you least expect it!

Winter Aconite

Once established, this winter flower, like the viola, spreads, so each year you may have an even more expansive carpet of sunshine bursting through the recently fallen flakes. In contrast with many other flowers, this one goes dormant for the summer.

Glory of the Snow

glory of the snow is a great winter flower

These short, bright blue flowers peek out from the ground in the warmer winter months. This winter flower can also work in planters or along paths but may spread.

Pieris Japonica

The white or pink blooms of this intricate flowering shrub are like nature’s pompoms helping to cheer you on through the winter. Their smaller size may make your favorite younger humans or family pets mistake them for tiny berries, so be aware that the flowers and leaves are poisonous.


Hellebores have a substantial presence throughout multiple seasons and require very little maintenance. They may wait to bloom until the season after they are first established.


Often a sign of hope for the movement toward spring, the snowdrop will thrive as long as temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees below zero. Consequently, it can be grown in areas that are known for their colder winters.

Winter Honeysuckle

With its lovely scent and offerings to honeybees, this winter flower balances out its potential for unwanted spreading with its positive attributes. Frequently cutting back this shrub helps with controlling its involvement in your landscape.


With even the first hint of sunshine, these little buds eagerly come forth. They come in a variety of colors and are typically left undisturbed by wildlife thus lengthening the enjoyment of their vibrant display.

Scilla Siberica

The planting of this winter-friendly flower is somewhat controversial because, in some locations, it is now considered invasive. However, it is easy to grow and provides a welcome blue burst amid the winter gray.


Hybrid varieties of the camellia may be the best choice for colder climates, while gardeners in southern regions can also select types that are more tolerant to heat in warmer months. This plant might also work on an enclosed but unheated porch or patio.

Winter Jasmine

The flowers appear before the leaves on this plant, and its amenability to trellising makes it a wonderful candidate for outdoor decoration or a second season for arbor use.

Sweet Alyssum

This colder season choice offers sweet smells and visual appeal now and provides for later garden success through its encouragement of pollinators.

Winter Witch Hazel

This flowering shrub can get quite large so plan accordingly when considering its placement. New Englanders – one of the witch hazel varieties is even a Boston native!

Flowering Quince

In addition to its floral beauty, this shrub also has culinary uses, if you are looking for a multipurpose selection.

Edgeworthia (Paperbush)

This beauty also leads with its flowers. While all may be waiting for the winter to end, there aren’t any weeks of waiting with the greenery, until these blooms finally arrive.

15 Winter Flowers for Inside Blooms

Sometimes, one needs a more colorful pick-me-up than the foliage-forward hanging plants or indoor trees. In some cases, you might literally bring the outdoor plants inside for the winter months to enjoy its additional growing time; you might also equate your favorite flower from another season or space to an inside option. Whether you have a flower type or are trying to enhance your indoor space beyond other artistic decor, these winter flowers will brighten your days with their blooms.


You have two feet of snow in front of your door, but this flower will make the inside of your home feel like a tropical paradise. The little bit of extra TLC that this plant may need to help it bloom indoors is also certainly a cheaper option than that flight to Hawaii.

African Violet

With fairly standard care needs, just give this winter flower choice a windowsill with some light or a small space of its own; then, this plant will be happy to give you a bit of colorful company through the colder months.

Flowering Maple

The flowering maple can be grown inside or outside in other seasons. Hybrid varieties have further expanded the color palette and enabled almost year-round presence of blooms.


To successfully grow these beauties inside, give them some indirect sunlight and some pruning. There are many different varieties so choose one that fits your available indoor space and visual design appeal.

Kaffir Lily

This plant gets better with age, so you may want to consider purchasing a more mature plant to enjoy blooms sooner than later. With proper care, its notably long lifespan only deepens the vivid coloring of its flowers. Be mindful of this plant’s location in your home if you have pets, as it is not a pet-friendly option.

Bleeding Heart Vine

Create a tree-like visual display with this vining winter flower choice. A decorative planter with the inclusion of trellising can make this plant into wall art that will help banish winter blues.


The Kalanchoe might be a perfect choice, especially for a newer grower. It requires little maintenance and doesn’t require all day light. Consider it a good companion for enjoying the morning light with your breakfast beverage of choice.


Let this delightfully fragrant choice be a boon to you in the cooler months for many years with this guide to its care.

Desert Rose

If you enjoy the mindful routine of careful water and light management, this plant will reward you accordingly, and it may even do so for decades, because of its potential for a substantial lifespan.

Moth Orchid

With a little support and responsiveness to the orchid’s environmental needs, you too can enjoy a glorious orchid view like this whether in greener times or when the backdrop has turned to the blank white canvas of new fallen snow.


A winter classic, the amaryllis has long been a significant participant in the history of gift-giving. The most seasoned to the most novice of growers will enjoy the ease with which one might support the plant in ushering forth its blooms.

Christmas Cactus

This plant is a gift that keeps on giving. From one singular plant, you can take repeated cuttings to encourage new growth; in honor of friendship and family ties, give a friend or family member their own budding plant from your original cactus.

Goldfish Plant

Combine your desire for a pet with the inclination to infuse your space with natural decor. With a little care (and no fish tank cleaning), these bright orange blooms and deep green leaves will fill your space with life, despite the leafless trees and barren garden beds you may be seeing from your window.


Cyclamen make great centerpieces and do not require you to moderate temperatures and humidity to maximize their growth, as they are often planted outside and able to sustain cooler weather.


Who doesn’t love a dual purpose flower? In the warmer months, enjoy this olfactory delight as a potted decoration for your porch or patio; then, when the evening grows cooler, bring this gift into your home for continued enjoyment.

15 Winter Flowers for All Seasons

In addition to the plants that you can cultivate during the winter months on your own land or in your own home or business space, many cut and fresh flowers are readily accessible in most seasons, including winter. From winter weddings to customized bouquets and flower arrangements, these flower choices provide you with the opportunity to bring natural beauty to your home, business, or event. As an option for professionally curated design, choose self-care or send someone a much-needed winter boost with the delivery of a Spontaneous Surprise Bouquet Gift Set, featuring the FruitFlower® of the Month for a seasonally mindful treat. To individualize your bouquet or centerpiece design by occasion or recipient, consider the meanings of flowers as well as availability in constructing a fitting gift of winter flowers.


These flowers can last a long time, even as cut flowers which generally have a short lifespan. As blue is often considered a “cooler” color, this choice and the relatively small size of the flower may also help make a space seem larger even with a substantial bouquet of blooms.

Calla Lily

Often used at weddings, it may be easy to forget that this flower comes in colors other than white. Consider the uniqueness of a darker purple as an eye-catching display or bring the warmth of the summer to ward off winter doldrums with yellow, pink, and red varieties.


A favorite across the spectrum of occasions and significant in relation to each individual color, the carnation says so much in its frilly package. Combine with other winter inspirations like holly and roses for a winter-inspired collection perfect for that unexpected holiday party or use color and a personal note to express the sentiments in your heart with a carnation-driven bouquet.


Hunkering down in the colder months often allows more time for self-reflection and the contemplation of new or revised paths. To honor that journey for yourself or someone you love, a gardenia bouquet or single stem or two in a vase meaningfully conveys that significance.


With so many rich hues, a single-stemmed rose, a rose bouquet, or roses in combination with other flowers can be familiar, meaningful, or unique, depending on your timing or design. Express yourself with roses or deliver a luxurious, premium gift to those you know well or those you simply want to honor in the winter months with a flower and chocolate gift set.


This winter flower choice is another long-lasting choice that also comes in a wide array of colors. They are a more reasonably-priced flower so splurge with other items in your combination or create multiple centerpieces using the entire spectrum of the alstroemeria’s hues in your design.


Be inspired by its association with joy and peace to let the cosmos play a central role in your gift of winter flowers.


Often connected to gratitude and magic, this winter flower is often used with Christmas-oriented celebrations and general gifts of appreciation during the wintertime; its ability to withstand colder temperatures also makes it a fitting choice for the winter season.


The many blooms on the lengthy stems provide staggered texture to bouquets and elevate centerpiece collections. It has also been used to create a fairytale display using arches and trellises for special events like weddings or other celebrations.


The poinsettia is to winter what a sunflower is to summer. Consider how you might bring new flair to this familiar winter flower, which is often gifted in a shiny foil wrapper, with a multi-material design approach.


Exquisite in its seemingly infinite circles of feathery blossoms, this delicate beauty makes an impact simply in its inclusion in monochromatic, small bunches in a vase, but it is also a powerful presence in grander floral bouquets.


Outside, these flowers are known to herald the arrival of spring, but potted varieties are often available throughout the year to bring that same feeling of regard and hope with the presence of daffodils.


Bridging two seasons, this farewell-to-winter flower distinguishes itself in both color palette and structural variety. With varieties that include rounded edges or more sharply cornered blooms, create layers of visual appeal incorporating multiple styles and meaning with the consideration of color symbolism.

Stargazer Lily

With its notable fragrance and sizable blooms, this flower uplifts spirits and the energy of various spaces.

Sweet Pea

Express how much you value their sweetness in your life with this fitting winter flower gift. With each cluster of flowers, share another way in which that person means so much to you.

Winter Flower Alternatives

Despite the availability of many flowers throughout the winter season, you can also opt for other decor options or more eco-friendly alternatives to flowers if the available winter flowers don’t suit your audience or preferences.


dried winter flowers

Preserve your own garden bounty with its gifts from earlier seasons. Create unique bouquets or centerpieces by drying your own flowers.


For a thoughtful way to repurpose old clothing or unused cuttings from other projects, create your own fabric flowers.


Activities for all ages are especially welcome during winter months. Get the family involved in this artistic endeavor and customize eye-catching floral designs in your home with one of these step-by-step guides.


Plants like hyacinth can be encouraged to bloom earlier than their typical spring timeline, so you can enjoy them inside during winter and then transplant them outside for enjoyment in the years ahead.


succulents are a wonderful winter flower

While some succulents, like the Desert Rose, offer flowers, the varied greens and bright colors of other succulent plants provide the opportunity to celebrate growth, even in the slower and darker days of winter. Create your own succulent bowl to watch new life flourish!

From gifts for hosts to decor at various seasonal events to the use of flowers of inside or outside pick-me-ups during the winter months, there are winter flower options to fit everyone’s intentions and spaces. For some, the potential to customize spaces or gifts with winter flowers is inspiring; for others, a more direct path to bringing the joy of flowers into one’s space or gifting that happiness to another is helpful. To expedite your winter flower gifting, the Rose and Alstroemeria Bouquet incorporates two flowers available during the season; simply add a personalized card with your choice of box cover or treat for a thoughtful gift that is fitting to the season, person, and context of your choice.

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