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Flower Care & Styling

Stunning Style
Great news: you don’t have to be an expert floral stylist to make your FruitFlowers® bouquetlook amazing. Each one of our bouquets is handcrafted and hand-designed with crossed stems for beautiful, picture-perfect presentation. All you have to do is drop them in your vase and give them a light fluff.


Here are a few more tips that you can use to ensure longer vase life:

Expert Care Made Easy

  • Unpack and unwrap your flowers as soon as they arrive.
  • Trim stems at an angle using sharp, clean scissors—at least ½-inch off the end of the stem.
  • Remove any leaves or foliage that sit below the waterline.
  • Use a clean vase and fill the vase with cold water.
  • Give your flowers an extra boost! Add a couple of drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to the water.
  • Keep water fresh! We recommend changing the water every day.
  • Retrim on a regular basis to keep stems healthy and open.
  • Keep your bouquet in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing your bouquet near heating and cooling vents. And we recommend you keep out of reach from young children or curious pets.
  • Be patient! Some blooms may be “sleeping” and will unfurl and open with time.
  • Gently remove any bruised or damaged petals as necessary.
  • As blooms wilt and expire, remove them from your bouquet. Every flower has a different lifespan, so your bouquet will naturally change as time goes on.